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Early Dating Signs He Likes You

    early dating signs he likes you

    Everyone who has ever dated knows how nerve-racking it can be, especially in the beginning.

    Sure, it can also be exciting and refreshing, but at the same time, it can also be intimidating.

    You might find yourself filled with all sorts of questions and thoughts.

    You might wonder how he feels about you, whether you’re presenting yourself well, and whether you should make the next move.

    Of course, you don’t want to make any mistakes.

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    But you also don’t want to miss out on a potentially great partner just because of your overthinking.

    So, what do you do?

    Well, you could start looking for some obvious early dating signs that he likes you.

    Even if he doesn’t directly tell you that he likes you, his body language and other signs will communicate that loud and clear.

    With that in mind, let’s check out what these signs are.

    1) He Compliments You In All The Small Ways

    youg man smiling

    When you like someone, you tend to notice mostly their positive traits and ignore their negative traits. This is something we all do without even realizing it.

    So, if your date has been complimenting you in all the small ways, this should be a telltale sign that he likes you.

    I mean, even common sense will help you come to the same conclusion.

    Why would someone keep praising you if they don’t fancy you, am I right?

    Now, the compliments can be in various forms.

    After all, different people have different ways of expressing themselves.

    For example, he could tell you that you look beautiful, that he likes your way of thinking, or that he likes your presence. He could also tell these things to you over a text or on a call.

    Whatever form it takes, a compliment is a compliment. And that’s one of your first hints.

    2) He Makes Eye Contact With You

    gay couple toasting

    We often underestimate the value of eye contact.

    To most of us, it seems like a natural but trivial thing.

    However, you realize how deep this simple act goes when you meet someone and try to hold their gaze.

    You instantly become uncomfortable and start looking away.

    You then alternate between looking at them and looking away. All of this happens on a subconscious level.

    However, when you are with someone you like or love, you naturally try to maintain eye contact with them for much longer.

    There is something about staring into the eyes of the person you admire that fills your heart with joy and your stomach with butterflies.

    It feels like you are staring right into their soul! So, take this as another sign that he likes you.

    dating quote 3

    3) You Catch Him Looking At You When You’re Not Looking

    This is another common sign that most people already know (and love).

    I am sure it has happened to you that you turned to look at someone and caught them already looking at you.

    And as soon as you turned to them, they started looking somewhere else.

    Now, ask yourself, why were they looking at you in the first place? And more importantly, why did they turn away when you looked at them?

    The answer to these questions may be admiration.

    Whether someone likes you or even loves you, they obviously want to look at you more.

    However, they also might be shy and probably don’t want you to know that they like you.

    It could also be that they don’t want you to think that they have inappropriate intentions toward you.

    Regardless, if your date steals a glance or two, know that he may be very much interested!

    4) He Respects Your Time

    asian couple dating

    When you like someone, you also tend to respect them.

    It just comes naturally, don’t you think?

    So, when you start observing your date being more respectful of your time, you should know that he likes you.

    One of the most common ways he will show this is by being punctual on dates.

    If your date is at 7 pm, expect him to be there on time or even early, waiting for you.

    Also, if he is somehow late for the date, he will have a genuine reason for it.

    But he will still feel bad about it and apologize excessively. His body language would make it clear that he doesn’t want you to feel bad in any way whatsoever.

    And if you ask me, that’s cute!

    5) He Listens Very Attentively

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    Generally speaking, if someone listens to you attentively, it means that they are interested in what you have to say.

    When it comes to your date, it might also mean that he likes you and is smitten by everything you say.

    You can literally see it in his eyes.

    As you speak, he will listen in awe and be completely focused on you. At that moment, it might seem to you that nothing else in the world matters to him.

    If you see these signs, you not only have someone who likes you but also someone who deeply admires you and potentially sees you as “the one.”

    Suffice it to say, you should hold on to him dearly and make the next move as soon as you are ready. 🙂

    6) He Tries To Impress You

    Think about it.

    If you are wondering whether he likes you or not and how you are presenting yourself, isn’t it possible that he is going through the same questions in his mind?

    I think this is only natural.

    When you like someone, you want to make a good impression on them. You want them to think that you’re beautiful, smart, talented, and so on.

    We usually do this so that they keep choosing us over everybody else and the relationship grows stronger with time.

    So, pay attention to whether he tries to impress you.

    For example, he might act cool at times, show off one of his skills, talk about his talents, present himself more confidently, and so on. And he will do it only in your presence. That’s because you are the only one that matters to him.

    dating quote 1

    7) He Singles You Out In A Group

    To know whether he really likes you, you should observe his behavior in a group setting.

    This might be when you are hanging out with your friends, and families, or at other places/events where you’re in a group.

    If he likes you, he will find small ways to make side conversations with you, look at your repeatedly, ask you questions directly, or just respond to you even when you aren’t addressing him specifically.

    Somehow, you will get a feeling that you are the center of his attention and you are all who matters to him. It will seem as if everyone else is a blur for him.

    This is a definite sign that he likes you. A lot!

    8) He Makes Physical Contact

    lesbian couple on a couch

    Different people have different love languages.

    If you weren’t aware, love language is basically how a person expresses admiration, affection, or love.

    Some like to shower their dates or partners with gifts, some like to spend quality time with their beloved, some like to say sweet words of appreciation, and some like to do thoughtful things.

    Physical touch happens to be another very important love language.

    As such, your date might try to hold your hand, pat your back with his hand, play with your hair, place his hand on your knee, hold your waist, bump his shoulder with yours, and so on.

    If he does any or all of these often, this is a strong sign that he likes you.

    9) He Initiates Plans And Follows Through

    Another big sign that he likes you is when he takes the initiative to plan dates and actually follows through with them.

    If you think about it, this is an obvious sign.

    When a person likes you, he obviously wants to spend more time with you. He is always looking for excuses to talk to you or do things together.

    After all, your very presence lights up his life!

    So, if your date is constantly coming up with suggestions to do something or the other, trying to plan dates, managing all the details, and asking you what your plans for the day are, consider this an indirect communication from his side that he is genuinely into you.

    In fact, you should reciprocate and take initiative to plan some heartfelt dates too!

    dating quote 2

    10) He Angles His Body Toward You

    The body language of a person tells a lot about them.

    You can learn about the truest intentions of a person just by observing the way they sit, talk, walk, gesture, and so on.

    As far as your date is concerned, try to see what his body position is like when he sits with you. Is his body facing toward you or away from you? Are his arms open or closed? Is he relaxed or tensed?

    The answers to these questions will tell you whether he is into you and whether he is comfortable in your presence.

    couple on a couch sharing snacks

    For example, if he angles his body toward you and his arms open, he is in a more inviting position and might want you to come closer to him.

    11) He Wants To Spend Time One On One

    When you like someone, you like to spend more time with them.

    That, too, one on one.

    Even though you respect their boundaries and understand that they have their own life, you somehow feel like you should be having more quality time with them than other people.

    Or at least, enough to get to know each other better.

    So, if he leaves no chance to talk to you or meet you one-on-one, this is a sure sign that he likes you.

    He wants to connect with you on a personal level and start something meaningful for the future.

    After all, he is investing his energy and time into you, and that is not for nothing!

    If you happen to like him back, you should not only respect his efforts but try to return the favor!

    couple looking at the sky

    12) He Follows Up After A Date

    Picture this.

    You went on a date with someone you like.

    You had a great time together. You laughed, smiled, talked about each other, shared intimate details, and got a sense that you came closer to each other.

    Now, once you’re back home, you can’t stop thinking about him.

    You keep remembering all the little things he said during your date and can’t stop smiling.

    Later that night, you get a message from him asking you whether you had a good time.

    How would this make you feel? Wouldn’t this give you butterflies and make you smile even more?

    Well, that’s exactly what he is trying to do.

    If you had a great time together, he might be wondering whether you’re still thinking about the date.

    And so, he might follow up, not only to gauge how you are feeling but to also remind you of him in case you become busy with something else.

    Clearly, he wants to be in your mind, which is an obvious sign that he likes you.

    13) He Responds To Your Text Quickly

    This is a simple sign but it is very telling.

    In life, we often prioritize things and people based on how much we care about them.

    So, if he responds to your text quickly and always seems to be available (even when he is at work), this should tell you that he cares about you a lot.

    For him, you’re not just another date but someone he deeply admires and respects.

    Of course, if your date doesn’t text you back immediately, you shouldn’t take this as a sign that he is not into you.

    Some people are lazy texters by nature and their care and love for you have nothing to do with their late replies.

    dating quote 4

    14) He Blushes Around You

    Although a lot of people don’t expect guys to blush, they still do.

    After all, they too are humans and have the same physiological responses to things like attraction, love, romance, and so on.

    When you are with your date, try to see if he blushes around you. This might happen when you compliment him or catch him stealing a glance.

    It could also happen when your bodies brush up against each other or when you tell him about your sexual fantasies.

    His face or skin might get red and he might feel a little sweaty.

    Usually, this is a sign that he is excited and thrilled to be around you and talking to you in an intimate manner.

    15) He Will Remember The Little Things You Said

    table for a date

    Ask yourself, why do you remember the little things about something or someone? It’s because you care, right?

    Otherwise, why would you even bother when there are a million different things to worry about in life?

    Similarly, if your date remembers the little things you said while you were talking to each other, this is a clear sign that he genuinely cares about you.

    He might remember your favorite food, your aunt’s name, your pet’s favorite place to sleep, stories from your childhood, and so on.

    This might be his way of making you feel special and showing you that he likes you.

    16) He Always Has Time For You

    Does your boyfriend never seem to say no?

    Is he always available when you ask for his help? Does he magically create a block of time to listen to what you have to say?

    Well, if yes, you might have found yourself someone who deeply adores you.

    I mean, you could call him or visit him any time of the day or week, and he would always have time for you.

    In fact, you might even wonder sometimes whether he is a superhero who somehow does other things in lightning mode just to make time for you.

    Well, he might not be a real superhero but he might be a super date. And you should definitely hold on to him for dear life as people like him are rare these days.

    dating quote 5

    17) He Laughs At Your Jokes

    Whether or not you are actually funny, if he laughs at your jokes, it’s a sign that he likes you.

    If you have a good sense of humor, he might be genuinely laughing because he finds you funny.

    In that case, you are set because humor is something that a lot of people look for as a quality in their partner.

    However, even if you are not funny, and he still laughs at your jokes just to flatter you, this is a great sign too!

    This means that he cares about you enough to not make you feel bad.

    He is essentially showing you that he enjoys your company and appreciates the efforts you put in to make him laugh!

    18) He Teases You In A Friendly Manner

    couple kissing

    Reading this point, you might say, “But we aren’t in high school anymore.

    Is this even relevant?”

    Well, let me tell you this. If a guy likes you, he will most probably tease you in a friendly manner.

    It doesn’t matter whether he is five years old or fifty.

    That’s one of the most beautiful things about guys. They like to be playful and friendly and even mischievous at times to show that they are comfortable with you.

    It’s also a way of showing affection and building a closer connection with you.

    Friendly and playful teasing is meant to create light-hearted moments that you will look back to in the future.

    So, it’s also a great way to create memories for life. If this isn’t a sign that he likes you, I don’t know what is!

    19) He Motivates You When You’re Down

    couple holding hands

    Anybody can be with you during your good times.

    But only the people who really care about you stay with you during your bad times. That’s when you know the real ones who deserve to stay.

    If your boyfriend is always there for you, no matter the situation, it’s a sign that you have already established a great bond with him.

    This one goes beyond just “liking.” He is actually invested in you and might be thinking of taking even bigger steps with you in the future.

    So, let him know that you appreciate his care and concern.

    Let him know that you will always remember his support and motivating words. And do everything you can to be there for him when he needs it.

    This might be the start of something more beautiful.

    dating quote 6

    20) He Respects Your Boundaries

    As I mentioned above, when you like someone, respect comes naturally.

    And in my opinion, respect for boundaries is an important aspect of any healthy relationship. ( check our article about setting boundaries Here).

    It is important that your partner gives you the space (and time) you need to feel comfortable and secure. This way you can be your own independent person, while at the same time, you can be a part of a beautiful relationship.

    So, if he gives you ample time and privacy, and you feel like you are able to take your own decisions, you should know that he respects you and likes you.

    It also shows that he values your autonomy, which is vital for a long-term relationship.

    21) He Seems Nervous At Times

    man kissing a woman

    It is natural for people to feel nervous around someone they are attracted to.

    I mean, this might have happened to you when you were on your first couple of dates or when he first approached you.

    The same applies to him too. If he likes you, there is bound to be some nervousness on his part as he tries to make sense of his feelings for you.

    So, how does this nervousness manifest?

    Well, he might fidget, stumble over his words, stumble over objects, and so on.

    With time, as he becomes more comfortable with you, this will slowly fade away. So, this sign is more applicable during the very initial stages of dating.

    22) He Hints At Your Future Together

    If someone hints at your future together, it could be a sign that they are thinking about a long-term commitment with you.

    And this doesn’t happen unless they like you.

    So, if your date likes to talk about your future plans and goals, it might be to figure out how you two can have a shared life together.

    He might also talk about his future plans that involve you or dreams that he would like to fulfill with you.

    Another way he might express his intention is by bringing up the idea of spending holidays or special occasions together.

    If he talks of going on a vacation or spending thanksgiving or other festivals together, he is definitely thinking long-term.

    In this case, you shouldn’t freak out if you are not ready to commit fully yet. You might communicate where you stand or just give time to the relationship to see if you can reach where he is at.

    dating quote 7

    23) He Surprises You With Gifts

    As I mentioned above, there are different love languages.

    And giving gifts is definitely one of the most common ones. In fact, gift-giving is considered a special thing in any relationship whatsoever.

    So, if your boyfriend surprises you with gifts, it can be a sign that he is thinking about you and wants to show you how much he cares.

    In fact, you can observe the types of gifts he gives you to see how deeply he feels for you.

    If it is something thoughtful and includes little details that you had mentioned to him earlier, this straight away shows that he is genuinely interested in you.

    And even if it is a generic gift, you should appreciate his efforts and acknowledge his interest in you.

    24) He Is Concerned About Your Problems

    couple hugging

    If someone is genuinely concerned about your problems and willing to listen and offer support, it can be a sign that they care about you and want to help you.

    They may say words of encouragement, help you come up with a solution to your problem, or simply be there to listen and provide a shoulder to cry on.

    Having someone who is concerned about your problems and willing to help can be a source of strength and can help you get through difficult times.

    And at the same time, it is also a great sign that they are indeed invested in you for real and you can count on them for the long term.

    This could also be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    25) He Will Open Up To You

    As humans, we only like to open up to people we trust and share a bond with.

    Otherwise, we would rather stay tight-lipped.

    Therefore, if your boyfriend shares intimate details of his life with you, it means he trusts you and you already have a strong bond in the relationship.

    Also, as you might already know, it takes a great deal of courage to open up to someone and be vulnerable.

    And guys only do that in front of their closest people.

    So, this is not only a sign that he likes you but also that he feels comfortable and secure around you.

    This is also a way for him to deepen your connection and take the relationship to the next level.

    dating quote 8

    26) He Tells You About His Family And Friends

    This might be more than just an early dating sign that your boyfriend likes you.

    In fact, it might be a sign of something bigger going on in his mind and heart.

    It could be an indication that he is ready to make you a part of his personal life. It’s a signal that he is very comfortable with you and wants to share more of his life with you.

    So, pay attention when he talks about his relationship with his family and friends and shares stories about them.

    This could also be a way for him to open up and reveal more about his priorities and values.

    If you are ready, you can tell him about your friends and family too!

    That would definitely give him the hint he might be looking forward to!

    27) He Invites You To Meet His Family And Friends

    dinner with friends to introduce girlfriend

    This is an extension of the previous point, and might I say, a more obvious sign that he likes you.

    After all, he wants to introduce you to the most important people in his life.

    This clearly shows that he sees a future with you. Otherwise, friends and family would definitely not be involved!

    Plus, if you think about it, meeting someone’s family and friends can be a great way to get to know more about that person and their background.

    You might even get more hints from his loved ones about how he feels about you.

    Just remember to be respectful and friendly when meeting his loved ones because he will also be observing the dynamics of your interaction with them.

    28) He Will Ask You For Your Advice

    If your date asks for your advice from time to time, it shows that he values your opinion, trusts you, and wants to consider your thoughts before making a decision.

    It shows that he wants to make you an important part of his life. It might be his way to make you feel special and acknowledged.

    So, if he asks you for advice, you should listen carefully and offer your honest and thoughtful suggestions.

    It is also important to remember that the final decision is ultimately up to the person, and you should respect their choice even if it differs from your advice.

    dating quote 9

    29) He Tidies Up Frequently

    This is another common way for guys to impress other people, especially the ones they like or love.

    In their eyes, it shows that they are organized, clean, orderly, and have their life together.

    Tidying up frequently can also show that the person values your space and wants to make it a pleasant and comfortable place for both of you.

    He might tidy up by cleaning his room, organizing his home, decluttering, wearing smart-looking clothes, trimming his beard, getting a neat haircut, getting some new shoes, and so on.

    He will go through all that effort just to form a great impression.

    And nobody does this unless they like you!

    couple kissing outside

    30) He Is Not Distracted When He’s With You

    There are countless distractions everywhere you look nowadays. People are always hunched down on their phones and are always thinking about something or the other.

    In such a world, if your date pays complete attention to you and is not distracted by anything, this is one of the best signs that he likes you.

    It also shows that he respects you and values your time and company. For him, you are the most important person that matters at that moment.

    So, return the favor and keep away all the distractions. Spend some quality time with each other and let him know that you are just as attracted to him as he is to you.

    dating quote 10

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