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Inspiration to Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You

    Inspirational words to be brave, bold, beautiful and to be you.

    Life is a rollercoaster of a ride.

    It takes you higher than your best imagination and it also takes you lower than your worst fears.

    Bad news! You cannot escape this ride.

    Well, unless you retreat to a mountain cave somewhere and become a yogi or something. For most of us though, that is not an option. We all have our goals and dreams and we would like to see them fulfilled.

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    So, how do you go about manifesting your dreams while at the same time face life’s many challenges head on?

    Well, there is truly an infinite number of ways you can do so.

    But I want to shift your attention to 4 core “ways of being that form the basis of most other ways.

    Achieving these four attributes will help you become a full-fledged human being and live a much more fulfilled life.

    Be Brave

    Be brave quote : bravery is not the lack of fear but the ability to look fear in the eye and say, hey move aside, you are in my way

    I am sure you are no stranger to challenges and problems in life. We all go through them on an almost constant basis.

    They like to appear out of nowhere and completely catch us off guard.

    While you can deal with most of them without losing your mind, some of these problems can be really scary. And I mean, really, really scary. These particular ones can appear like dark apparitions with red eyes that send a chill down your back! ( ah.. our limitless imagination !!)

    But here’s the thing.

    No matter how scary these are, you have something that is far more powerful. And you can use it to defeat even the worst of demons.

    What am I talking about?

    I am talking about the light of bravery! Even though you might not believe it consciously, you have immense courage inside you that acts as your strength even in the face of fears.

    How many times have you gone through an obstacle that seemed insurmountable and yet, you came out victorious?

    Listen, life will throw curveballs at you. This much is guaranteed. Now, what you do next, depends on you. Will you duck or will you swing the bat and hit it for a home run?

    Be brave and take that chance. Don’t fear your problems, don’t fear getting hurt, and certainly don’t fear failing.

    When you feel that you might be faltering, remember why you are on your journey in the first place. Remember the finish line that you want to reach. Muster up the courage from the depths of your being and fight with everything you’ve got!

    Remember that you can reach any goal you want as long as you decide to get out of your confort zone. So, be brave and go get it.

    Be Bold

    Be bold quote: be bold enough to use your own voice. don't be the echo of someone else's opinion.

    The world we live in is chaotic. There is no sugarcoating it. There is infinite noise and countless distractions out there and it seems like it is all a big hodgepodge of confusion.

    In such a world, if you want to get your voice heard, you need to be bold. You need to be daring in your actions to rise above all the confusion and stand out as a unique individual who can make their mark on the world.

    As Steve Jobs once said, “Make a dent in the universe”.

    This attribute of boldness comes when you have confidence in your abilities. There is no doubt that you are blessed with at least one ability that sets you apart from everyone else.

    In fact, we are all blessed with such a quality.

    It’s only a matter of discovering it for ourselves, sharpening it and then developing the confidence to showcase it in front of the world.

    This is what being bold means. It means to have willingness to put yourself out there.

    In a world where people like to conform to others, be someone who speaks their own mind. Be someone who is not afraid to walk alone if it is for the right purpose.

    It’s really important that you instill this quality in you. Only then will you be able to take your game up a notch. Only then will you be able to believe that you can rise above the chaos and be your true self.

    Be Beautiful

    Be beautiful quote: beauty is not about having a pretty face. It is about the light that shines from your confidence.

    I remember reading in a poem once, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

    There is something about beautiful things that immediately grab your attention. And while beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder, everyone will pretty much agree that beautiful things indeed allure them.

    So, why am I saying all this to you?

    Well, to make you realize that everything you do needs to be done “beautifully”. That’s right… I wasn’t talking about your looks alone. Sure, it can help if you look more presentable but beauty isn’t just limited to that.

    I tend to think that if you do something with confidence, with focus, with positive intent: it’s beautiful.

    When a tennis player hits a ball in a perfect stance, that is beautiful. When a ballet dancer lands perfectly on her feet, that is beautiful.

    Are you getting it? No matter what you do in your personal or work life, do it with “beauty”.

    So, you might ask what you need to do differently to be beautiful.

    It’s not that hard you see.

    If you just adopt a little bit of mindfulness in your actions, you will instantly appear far more beautiful. Think about it.

    Whenever a professional player is playing in front of a crowd, they are completely involved and immersed in the act of playing. That is the same for singers, actresses…They are not thinking about what they will have for lunch the next day or who they will meet on the weekend. In fact, nothing is more beautiful than a confident person.

    This mindfulness is a great place to start to generate a sense of confidence and eventually beauty.

    Be You

    Be you quote: be fearlessly authentic and bravely stand out.The world will adjust.

    I can’t stress how important this is.

    Have you ever felt that there is more fakeness in the world than ever before?

    There is a reason for this. The lives we live are increasingly getting superficial. Most things and people are all show and no substance.

    There was a time when being “genuinely you” was the default setting of most humans. Now, it has become a rare and distant virtue; something to aspire to.

    Don’t let this happen to you.

    In life, you will face a lot of situations where deviating from your beliefs or morals could result in a benefit or an easy win. You will come across many people who will encourage you to not be your authentic self in order to make your path a little bit easier.

    In that moment, you might be tempted, but remember that in the long term, this is not worth it at all.

    What’s the point of achieving something if you had to fake something to get it?

    Instead, if you remain true to who you are, it will feel much more authentic.

    And as they say, authenticity is forever.

    Sometimes, it doesn’t matter that you reached the finish line, but it surely matters how you reached there.

    Your heart will always know, your conscience will always know. To be at peace, just be you. Unapologetically you. Don’t fear naysayers or critics.

    Just walk your path, in total confidence and sooner or later, you will hold your dreams in your hands with the satisfaction of having always been true to your values and your principles…..

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