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Romantic Words That Start With B

romantic words that start with B

Sometimes, you need to turn to the power of words to make your love known.

Sometimes, your partner just wants you to treat them with some words of love and appreciation.

And sometimes you just want to whip up something special for your special someone.

Whether it is a love note, a poem, a song, or a heartfelt paragraph, there are so many ways you can bring cheer to your partner.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of romantic words that start with B.

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1) Baby

a romantic partner.

Example: What is sweeter than calling your girl baby?

2) Balance

steady; in a state of equilibrium.

Example: I love the way she brings balance and calmness into my life.

3) Bare

not covered.

Example: Your bare hands on my skin feel like velvet.

4) Bask

To take something in; to bathe in something.

Example: She basked in the glory of his love.

5) Beacon

A symbol of inspiration.

Example: Her presence itself acts as a beacon of hope for many.

6) Beaming

To grin at someone.

Example: She was beaming uncontrollably when I touched her.

7) Beatific

To be in an absolute state of happiness.

Example: They were beatific when they met each other after five years.

8) Beautiful

Aesthetically pleasing.

Example: She has a beautiful mind and soul.

9) Becoming

Looking attractive.

Example: She wore a becoming night dress to express her intentions.

10) Bedazzling

Highly impressive.

Example: Every single thing about her seemed bedazzling to me.

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11) Befriend

to establish a friendship with someone.

Example: He befriended her so that he could get closer to her.

12) Beguiling

Having a charming personality.

Example: It was probably her beguiling demeanor that stole his heart.

13) Behave

The way a person acts.

Example: She knew how to behave properly even at times she was frustrated or angry.

14) Behold

To perceive by seeing.

Example: He looked up and beheld the attractive woman who was smiling at him naughtily.

15) Belong

To be in possession of someone.

Example: Every inch of your skin belongs to me.

16) Beloved

Someone or something that is loved very much.

Example: He, along with her beloved wife, is traveling to Paris.

17) Benevolent

Someone who has good intentions.

Example: How could I not trust her? She was one of the most benevolent people I had ever met.

18) Benign


Example: Her innocence made him feel like she was benign.

19) Besotted

Become smitten by.

Example: She was besotted with him since her childhood.

20) Best

of the topmost quality.

Example: She brings out the best in me, even when I am at my worst.

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21) Bewitching

Powerfully charming or attractive.

Example: He couldn’t resist her bewitching looks that night.

22) Big-Hearted

charitable and generous.

Example: Her big-hearted nature led many people to her.

23) Bite

To seize something with your teeth.

Example: I hope my love bites will remind you of me.

24) Blazing

Hot to the touch.

Example: I could feel her blazing emotions from across the room.

25) Bleed

To take out blood from someone.

Example: Let me bleed the pain hidden in your soul and fill it with love.

26) Blessing

A gift from God.

Example: She is a blessing to my children.

27) Blind

A person who cannot see.

Example: Her love made me blind in all the right ways.

28) Blithe

Casually happy.

Example: She lived life with a blithe attitude. Maybe that’s why everyone wants to be with her.

29) Blooms

To flower.

Example: Every inch of her skin blooms with his one touch.

30) Blossomed

To produce flowers; to mature into someone better.

Example: His love made my scars blossom like a sunflower.

romance quote 23

31) Blow

A strong current of air.

Example: Off she came like a blow from the ocean.

32) Blush

Become pink with shyness.

Example: Every time he calls me, I blush.

33) Bodacious

A remarkably attractive person.

Example: Yes, she is bodacious, but that’s not the reason I love her.

34) Body

the physical structure of an organism.

Example: His love had a healing effect on her body.

35) Bold

A brave or courageous person.

Example: She looks bold and bright in red.

36) Bonny


Example: Her bonny body is not the only thing that attracts people.

37) Bonzer


Example: She was a bonzer of a woman, wasn’t she?

38) Boo

A romantic partner.

Example: Why is my boo upset today?

39) Boon

A beneficial thing; something that makes your life better.

Example: Her presence was a boon for me during that phase of my life.

40) Boundless


Example: My love for you is boundless, my darling!

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41) Brave

showing no fear.

Example: She is a warrior and a brave woman, who gave birth to my child.

42) Brawny

Muscular in shape.

Example: I had never seen such a brawny woman in my life!

43) Brazen

Bold, in a shameless manner.

Example: She brazenly told me about her darkest desires.

44) Breath

Air that is inhaled or exhaled.

Example: Her breath on my shoulders sent shivers down my whole body.

45) Breathless

Breathing very hard; not being able to breathe normally.

Example: After we were done, we lay there on the bed, completely breathless.

46) Breathtaking

Exciting in a manner that leaves you speechless.

Example: Her dance performance was breathtaking.

47) Breezy

appearing cheerful and relaxed.

Example: No matter what she was doing, she was always breezy.

48) Brief

A very short period of time.

Example: The brief moments that I get to spend with you mean a lot to me.

49) Bright


Example: His bare hand crawling down felt like a magic wand that brightened my soul.

50) Brilliant

Having or showing intelligence.

Example: I had never met such a brilliant woman before.

romance quote 25

51) Brimming

To be completely filled with something.

Example: Her soul was brimming with intense desires and she couldn’t stop herself anymore.

52) Brisk

Quick and energetic.

Example: Your brisk advances lit my soul on fire.

53) Broad

Very wide.

Example: Her broad hips sent me to desire heaven.

54) Bubbly

Having or showing high spirits.

Example: Her bubbly nature lightens up the whole environment.

55) Budding

Just starting to develop.

Example: I hope our budding love goes a long way.

56) Buff

Having well-developed muscles.

Example: She has always preferred buff guys.

57) Buoyant

Happy, cheerful, and confident.

Example: I love how your buoyant aura rubs off on me.

58) Burning

on fire.

Example: His touch created a burning sensation all over my body.

59) Busty ( some find this word romantic haha)

Having a large bust.

Example: The busty lady drew a lot of attention from the crowd.

60) Butterfly

someone who is not much serious in life.

Example: Oh love, you are the butterfly that I have always desired in my life.

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