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Romantic Words That Start With D

romantic words that start with D

If you’re trying to woe your partner or a potential love interest, you should probably use the power of words.

Everyone likes to be swept off their feet and what better way to do that than by expressing your love or your admiration for them through a thoughtful poem, song, note, or letter? We covered the romantic words starting with S, A, B and C……

To help you out in this process, here is a list of romantic words that start with D.

1) Dabble:

to engage in an activity in a casual way.

Example: She liked to dabble in ballet for fun.

2) Dance:

to move with music in a rhythmic manner.

Example: They danced the night away completely in love.

3) Dandy:

a person who cares a lot about their appearance.

Example: She was one dandy lady!

4) Dare:

to have the courage to do something.

Example: She dared him to confess his love, and he did.

5) Daring:

A bold person.

Example: His daring personality was one of the things she loved about him.

6) Darling:

a person whom we love or admire.

Example: Darling, why are you being so sweet today?

7) Dashing:

Someone who is stylish.

Example: He was dashing and she was charismatic, a perfect couple.

8) Date:

a romantic appointment with a potential love interest.

Example: They went on their first date to a cafe.

9) Dawn:

the first appearance of daylight in the morning.

Example: As dawn approached, she was still sleeping beside him.

10) Daydream:

a pleasant imagination.

Example: She daydreamed about their future together.

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11) Dazzling:

very bright or impressive.

Example: She looked dazzling in her red dress.

12) Deal:

a business transaction.

Example: They made a deal to always support and be there for each other.

13) Dear:

Someone whom we love.

Example: My dear, do you have any idea how much I love you?

14) Decent:

of satisfactory quality.

Example: She was a decent woman who always lived by her principles.

15) Decoration:

The act of making something look more attractive or beautiful.

Example: She loved the colorful decorations on the Christmas tree.

16) Dedication:

the quality of being committed to a task or purpose.

Example: Her dedication towards our relationship was an inspiration even for me.

17) Deep:

Something we feel or experience strongly.

Example: That day, she realized how deep his love runs for her.

18) Defy:

to resist something or someone.

Example: They defied all odds and married each other.

19) Delicate:


Example: She was delicate, like a flower.

20) Delicious:

very pleasing in taste.

Example: Your lips are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

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21) Delightful:

Someone with a charming personality.

Example: Their honeymoon was delightful, filled with love and laughter.

22) Deliver:

to do what one promised.

Example: He delivered on his promise to always be there for her.

23) Depend:

to rely on someone or something.

Example: She depended on him for emotional support.

24) Depth:

The quality of being strong or intense.

Example: The depth of her love was unfathomable.

25) Deserve:

to be worthy of something.

Example: She deserved to be treated with love and kindness.

26) Desirable:

Something or someone worth having.

Example: She was desirable, and everyone was smitten with her.

27) Desire:

An intense feeling of wanting something or someone.

Example: He had a strong desire to be with her.

28) Dessert:

a sweet dish served at the end of a meal.

Example: He looked at her as if she was the dessert.

29) Destiny:

the events or circumstances that will inevitably happen to a person.

Example: They knew it was their destiny to be together.

30) Devoted:

deeply committed to someone or something.

Example: He was devoted to her, always putting her needs first.

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31) Devoured:

to eat something with force.

Example: That night, they devoured each other with passion and lust.

32) Devout:

having a strong faith in something or someone (usually religion).

Example: She was devout in her faith toward him.

33) Dewy:

covered with dew or to appear like dew.

Example: Her dewy skin after shower captured my attention.

34) Diamond:

a precious stone.

Example: She wore a diamond necklace that sparkled in the light.

35) Dig:

to remove earth or sand with a tool.

Example: Dig inside my heart and you will only find your name.

36) Dimples:

a small dent in the flesh on the cheeks.

Example: She had cute dimples that made everyone fall for her.

37) Disarming:

The quality of causing someone to let down their guard.

Example: Her disarming smile put everyone at ease.

38) Distinct:

clearly different from others.

Example: Their love was distinct and special.

39) Diva:

a famous female opera singer or a woman who is greatly admired.

Example: The diva’s beautiful voice left the audience speechless.

40) Divine:

relating to God or higher power.

Example: Her love for him was divine, pure, and unconditional.

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41) Doll:

a small figure of a person made of plastic or other material.

Example: She looked like a porcelain doll in her white dress.

42) Dominate:

to exert control or power over someone or something

Example: She liked to dominate in bed, and he absolutely loved that. ( ok not really romantic but we can label this word aswords about passion haha)

43) Doting:

showing excessive love or affection for someone.

Example: He was doting on her every need.

44) Dovelike:

Someone who resembles a dove, especially in being gentle and peaceful.

Example: Her dovelike nature made her the perfect partner for him.

45) Dramatic:

involving or producing strong feelings.

Example: Their relationship had always been dramatic as if it was part of a theatrical performance.

46) Drape:

to cover or hang something over in an attractive manner.

Example: He draped his arm around her as they sat on that bench.

47) Dreamland:

a place where dreams come true.

Example: They had found their own little dreamland, a place where they were completely at peace.

48) Dreamy:

Having the qualities of existing only in a dream.

Example: She was lost in a dreamy state, thinking about their future together.

49) Drenched:

completely soaked with water or another liquid.

Example: They were drenched by the rain as they walked home after their date.

50) Dress:

a garment worn by a person, typically a woman or girl.

Example: She looked stunning in the black dress he had bought for her.

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51) Drink:

to take in liquids.

Example: I want to drink from the ocean of your love.

52) Dripping:

(of a liquid) falling or hanging in drops.

Example: From head to toe, she was dripping with lust.

53) Drive:


Example: They went for a drive along the coastline, enjoying the beautiful views.

54) Drool:

to produce saliva in large amounts and allow it to flow from the mouth.

Example: He couldn’t help but drool over her delicious cooking.

55) Duet:

a musical composition for two performers, especially singers.

Example: They fell in love with each other after they sang a duet at their friend’s wedding.

56) Dumbfounding:

causing amazement or disbelief.

Example: It was dumbfounding how well they complemented each other.

57) Duo:

a pair of people or things.

Example: They were the perfect duo, always there for each other.

58) Dusk:

the time of day when the sun begins to set and the sky becomes partly or fully dark.

Example: He promised to make love to her from dusk till dawn.

59) Dusky:

dark or shadowy in color.

Example: Her dusky skin was a treat for his eyes.

60) Dynamite:

a powerful explosive.

Example: My love, you look like a dynamite in that bright, red dress!

So what do you think 🙂 We hope these words were helpful 🙂

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