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Romantic Words That Start With F

romantic words that start with F

For thousands of years, we humans have been aware of the great power of words.

We have been aware of their power to evoke strong emotions and convey deep feelings.

Entire revolutions have been ignited with just words. In the context of romance, words can capture the essence of one’s love and affection. After the letter A to E, this article will explore some of the most romantic words in the English language that start with F.

1) Fabulous

Excellent; almost unbelievable.

Example: She looked absolutely fabulous at her wedding.

2) Fairy

An imaginary creature with magical powers.

Example: She twirled in her sparkly dress, looking like a fairy from a storybook.

3) Faithful

Loyal to only one partner.

Example: My partner has always been faithful to me, and that’s what I love the most about her.

4) Family

People who are related to you by blood or by bond.

Example: I want us to build a family together.

5) Fancy

Very elegant and gracious.

Example: They dressed up in their fanciest clothes for their romantic night out.

6) Fantabulous

Extremely impressive.

Example: The surprise birthday party she planned for him was fantabulous and filled with love and laughter.

7) Fantasize

To daydream about someone you desire.

Example: She fantasized about him all day long.

8) Fantastic

Remarkable; wonderful.

Example: Everybody knows her cooking is fantastic.

9) Fascinate

To capture people’s attention.

Example: Her sparkling eyes always fascinate me.

10) Fashionable

Someone who stays up to date with the latest trends.

Example: She was one of the most fashionable women he had met.

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11) Fate

A higher force that determines the events of one’s life.

Example: Despite all the hardships, they believed that fate would bring them together again.

12) Favorable


Example: The stars aligned in their favor and they finally got their happily ever after.

13) Favorite

Something that one likes or prefers.

Example: She was always his favorite.

14) Fearless

Having or showing no fear.

Example: He was fearless in his love for her.

15) Feeling

An emotional experience.

Example: They finally confessed their feelings for each other.

16) Feisty

Full of energy.

Example: She was a feisty young woman, always up for a challenge.

17) Feminine

Qualities that are often associated with women.

Example: She was a beautiful embodiment of femininity, with a gentle touch and soft voice.

18) Fervent

Passionate, intense.

Example: His fervent gaze never left her face.

19) Festive

Something that brings forth celebration and joy.

Example: When I was with her, every day felt festive.

20) Fetching


Example: Her fetching smile could light up a room and make everyone feel happy.

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21) Feverish

Denoting excitement or passion.

Example: The feverish pace of their love was like wildfire.

22) Fiery

Intense and passionate.

Example: The fiery passion between them was evident in every touch and every kiss.

23) Filled

Full of something.

Example: Her heart was filled with love when he proposed to her.

24) Fire

A burning passion.

Example: The fire in their eyes when they looked at each other was a symbol of their deep love.

25) Firm


Example: He was firm in his commitment to her.

26) Fit

Compatible with one another.

Example: They were a perfect fit, complementing each other in all the right ways.

27) Flaming

Burning intensely.

Example: The flaming passion between them was like a burning fire.

28) Flattering

Pleasing to the eye.

Example: The dress she wore was flattering and enhanced her natural beauty.

29) Flavorful

Having a strong, rich taste.

Example: Their love was like a flavorful dish.

30) Flawless

Without any faults.

Example: Her smile was flawless.

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31) Flexible

Having the ability to change according to situations.

Example: They were a flexible couple, always willing to compromise and make things work.

32) Flirtatious

Teasing in a romantic way.

Example: His flirtatious smile was enough to make her heart skip a beat.

33) Flirty

Playful in a romantic way.

Example: She was naturally flirty, always making him laugh and feel special.

34) Flowery

Having a delicate and graceful appearance.

Example: The flowery garden was the perfect setting for their romantic picnic.

35) Flowing

Happening without interruption.

Example: The flowing conversation between them was a sign of their strong connection.

36) Flushed

Having a rosy color due to excitement or embarrassment.

Example: Her cheeks were flushed every time he whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

37) Focused

Paying attention to one thing.

Example: He was focused solely on her that night.

38) Fond

Having warm and tender feelings.

Example: She was fond of him and always found joy in his presence.

39) Fondle

To touch or caress lovingly.

Example: He couldn’t resist fondling her soft hair as they cuddled together.

40) Forbearing

Tolerant, patient.

Example: He was forbearing and understanding of her no matter what she did.

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41) Forever

Lasting for all time.

Example: Their love was meant to last forever.

42) Forgiving

Able to forgive quickly.

Example: He was a forgiving lover and was always ready to forget the past.

43) Fortunate

Lucky, blessed.

Example: They felt truly fortunate to have found each other.

44) Foster

To nurture something.

Example: She always fostered deep feelings for him.

45) Found


Example: When he met her for the first time, he knew that he had found his soulmate.

46) Foxy

Very attractive (in a bold way).

Example: He was being foxy and flirting with her all night.

47) Frabjous

joyous, wonderful.

Example: She was filled with frabjous feelings as she walked down the aisle to meet her partner.

48) Frank

straightforward, and honest.

Example: Their frank conversations about their feelings for each other helped deepen their relationship.

49) Fragrant

A sweet smell.

Example: Her fragrant perfume filled his heart with passion and love.

50) Freedom

the state of being free.

Example: The freedom to express their love openly was a major factor in their happiness as a couple.

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51) Frequent


Example: His frequent visits to her cafe made her wonder whether he likes her.

52) Fresh

new, lively.

Example: Their relationship always felt fresh and exciting.

53) Friendly

kind, and good-natured.

Example: Their friendly personalities drew them to each other and made them great partners.

54) Frisky


Example: They both felt frisky and wanted to enjoy a night out.

55) Frolicsome

playful, lighthearted.

Example: Their frolicsome displays of affection drew many smiles and happy glances from onlookers.

56) Fulfilling

satisfying, gratifying.

Example: Their relationship was fulfilling on every level.

57) Fulgent


Example: Her eyes were fulgent with happiness as she said “I do” to her beloved.

58) Full

To be complete.

Example: Their love for each other was full, overflowing, and completely all-encompassing.

59) Fun

Something that is enjoyable.

Example: Their date was full of fun and laughter.

60) Funny

Amusing; something that causes one to laugh.

Example: His funny side was the most attractive to her.

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