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Romantic Words That Start With G

romantic words that start with G

Words have the power to convey most of the emotions we feel.

And love is no different.

Whether you are beginning to fall for someone or have completely fallen head over heels, you can use the power of words to communicate how you feel to your beloved. After the romantic words that start with F Here, below are some romantic words that start with G.

These will provide you with some inspiration for your next love letter, message, or conversation.

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1) Gaily

in a happy manner.

Example: We often hear her singing gaily in the bathroom!

2) Gallant

Showing courage.

Example: Despite being cornered, she challenged all three men and fought gallantly.

3) Galore

In large quantity.

Example: Her love galore, she agreed to everything he asked.

4) Garden

A piece of land where you grow flowers and plants.

Example: You sowed your love in the garden of my heart.

5) Gawk

look at someone in a foolish way.

Example: Everyone at the table saw him gawking at the woman in black.

6) Gaze

To look at someone or something steadily.

Example: He had his gaze fixed on her because of how mesmerizing she’d been.

7) Generate

bring into existence.

Example: The way he gazed generated feelings of love and excitement within her.

8) Generosity

The quality of giving or doing charity.

Example: The generosity she carries is very rare.

9) Generous

A person who has a giving nature.

Example: The organization was very grateful for all the generous donations during the time of Christmas.

10) Genial

A sociable person.

Example: Her genial nature is reflected in her smile.

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11) Genius

Someone who has an exceptional level of intelligence.

Example: She was a genius when it came to connecting with people.

12) Genteel

Having or showing a high level of refinement or social class.

Example: Since it was a formal dinner, everyone behaved in a genteel manner.

13) Gentle

Having or showing kind or tender mannerisms.

Example: I crave his gentle touch that healed my soul.

14) Gentlemanly

Someone who is honorable and courteous towards others.

Example: Every single action of his was nothing less than gentlemanly.

15) Genuine

Showing originality or authenticity.

Example: She is a genuine person in a world full of cheaters.

16) Gesture

An action that is a form of non-verbal communication.

Example: She would always portray her love with romantic gestures.

17) Gifted

Someone who has extraordinary talents.

Example: Within 10 seconds of listening to her violin, he knew how incredibly gifted she was.

18) Gigantic

Extremely large.

Example: He knew he must’ve looked like a gigantic idiot in love but didn’t mind it one bit.

19) Giggle

To laugh in an excited or silly manner.

Example: When he remembered accepting his confession, he giggled like a teenager in love.

20) Girl

A female child or a relatively young woman.

Example: She was the type of girl that you wouldn’t forget for a long time!

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21) Girlfriend

A female with whom a person has a romantic relationship.

Example: I am lucky to call my girlfriend my wife now.

22) Giving

Someone who believes in helping other people before prioritizing their own needs.

Example: Her giving nature makes me fall for her every time even after 30 years of marriage.

23) Glad

Happy or pleasant in one’s mood.

Example: I am glad that you are the mother of our children.

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24) Glamorous

Having a type of charm that is attractive or appealing.

Example: She looked glamorous in a red dress.

25) Glaze

shiny coating or finish.

Example: His touch on my skin makes my skin glaze a little more.

26) Gleaming

Bright and positive.

Example: He has a way to win hearts with that gleaming smile of his.

27) Glee

Showing happiness because of a positive event or good fortune.

Example: She was dancing with glee when she won the lottery tickets.

28) Glimmer

To shine in a faint manner.

Example: That glimmer of hope was the only thing that kept me going even when I felt like giving up.

29) Glimpse

A quick glance.

Example: They both would crave even a glimpse of each other in the busy arena.

30) Glistening

Having a reflective quality or glowing with positivity.

Example: She spreads a glistening effect wherever she goes.

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31) Glittering

Very impressive and successful.

Example: The volleyball team entered the banquet hall with glittering success.

32) Globe

The world; our planet.

Example: In this whole world, I have eyes only for you.

33) Glorious

Something that deserves fame, admiration, or honor.

Example: Every moment spent with her is glorious to me.

34) Glossy

Shining light and having a smooth texture.

Example: Her glossy lips are all I want to kiss.

35) Glow

To produce a steady light.

Example: You glow differently when you are in love with the right person.

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36) Glowing

Emitting light because of happiness or success.

Example: I am glowing and growing with your love.

37) Gnarly

Having a rough or twisted attitude.

Example: That gnarly kung fu master was a difficult one to please!

38) Godly

Divine in nature.

Example: She lived a godly life.

39) Golden

Emitting a yellowish light or shining like gold.

Example: The golden look on her face is a reflection of how happy she is with him.                                           

40) Goodness

The quality of being nice or having high moral standards.

Example: One could not help but be drawn in by the goodness of his child-like heart.

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41) Goodwill

The value or respect that one has earned over the course of time.

Example: Even though Erin and Matthew were not on good terms, Erin offered him help as a gesture of goodwill.

42) Goosebumps

A highly excited state or condition.

Example: Just having him in her proximity was giving her goosebumps!

43) Gorgeous

Very pretty and visually pleasing.

Example: She looked gorgeous even without makeup.

44) Graceful

Having the quality of elegance.

Example: Her movements were so graceful that she looked like an angel to him.

45) Gracile

Someone who is thin but highly attractive.

Example: She looks amazing in a gown as she has a gracile figure.

46) Gracious

Having a kind and giving attitude.

Example: Her gracious nature made me fall for her.

47) Gradely

Having a fine quality or being desirable.

Example: The new employee’s gradely demeanor quickly made him a favorite of the office.

48) Grand

Impressively large.

Example: I have seen grand changes in my life after she turned my house into a home with her love.

49) Grasp

To make use of an opportunity.

Example: He grasped at every opportunity to see her even if it was for a short while.

50) Grateful

Feeling or expressing thanks to someone for their noble deed.

Example: I am grateful that my love of life is my wife now.

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51) Gratify

To please someone.

Example: People today are ridiculously busy with gratifying each other.

52) Gratitude

Being thankful for the blessings one has received in life.

Example: No matter how hard times may get, the gratitude I have in my heart for this life will never diminish.

53) Grazing

To lightly caress someone in a loving manner.

Example: She was super nervous at the company event but he kept grazing her arms to comfort her now and then.

54) Great

Something that is considered above average.

Example: She is a great woman, mother, sister, and especially a great human.

55) Greetings

Words used to welcome someone.

Example: She always welcomes me with warm greetings when I am home from a stressful work day.

56) Grin

To smile in a very excited and positive manner.

Example: It was so obvious from his wide grin that he was texting his girlfriend!

57) Gripping

To capture the attention of someone.

Example: He was absolutely gripping her.

58) Grow

To become larger over time.

Example: Our love will grow slowly as we spend some time together.

59) Guardian

Someone who protects someone else.

Example: I want her to be the guardian of my children.

60) Guidance

The advice or suggestion you give to someone to help them out.

Example: I always look up to my wife for guidance and help in life.

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