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Romantic Words That Start With H

romantic words that start with H

When it comes to expressing love, using romantic words can add a special touch to your message.

If you’re looking for words that start with H to convey your feelings, there are plenty of options to choose from. ( We covered the letter G HERE)

Whatever romantic words you choose, remember that expressing your feelings honestly and openly is the key to a strong and loving relationship.

1) Habitual

Doing something out of habit.

Example: He slowly grew habitual of her presence.

2) Hair

Thread-like strands that grow out of your scalp.

Example: He saw her long golden hair swaying from far away and immediately knew that it was her.

3) Handful

A person that might be difficult to handle.

Example: Even though he could be a little handful sometimes, she would not trade their relationship for anything.

4) Handle

Control a situation.

Example: They could not handle the amount of love and care they felt for each other.

5) Handsome

Attractive or good-looking.

Example: There was no denying that he was the most handsome man she’d ever laid her eyes on.

6) Happy

A feeling of joy.

Example: All she dreamed of was a happy and fulfilling life with him.

7) Hard


Example: It was hard for him to contain his feelings whenever she was in his proximity.

8) Hardworking

Putting in great effort and discipline.

Example: Her love turned him into the most hardworking man to build a better life for them.

9) Harmonious

Peaceful and compatible.

Example: The communication they have is the secret to their harmonious relationship!

10) Harness

Be able to control and make use of something.

Example: They harnessed the power of their love and overcame every hurdle that came in their way.

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11) Harvest

Garner or win.

Example: He harvested his goodwill in order to convince her.

12) Haunting

Hard to forget.

Example: Every object she left behind brought back haunting memories to him.

13) Headway

The act of making progress.

Example: He made great headway in their relationship after the therapy session.

14) Healing

To become better, be free of injury.

Example: Her love became a healing force for him after he lost his family.

15) Healthy

A state of well-being; good health.

Example: A healthy relationship can bring out the infinite potential in somebody.

16) Hear

To listen.

Example: He drifted off to sleep as he heard her soft lullaby after a long day at work.

17) Heart

An organ in your chest that pumps blood throughout the body.

Example: Her heart was overflowing with love after he surprised her with a proposal.

18) Heartache

Pain, sorrow, or sadness.

Example: Every time they thought of each other after they split, there was nothing but heartache.

19) Heartbeat

Pulsing of the heart.

Example: He could hear his heartbeat in his ears when he saw her in the long black dress.

20) Heartening

An exuberant feeling of hope and cheer.

Example: It was heartening to see just how much she cared for her partner.

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21) Heartfelt

Very sincere or deeply felt.

Example: The heartfelt love and devotion that he put into the apology were not unnoticed by her.

22) Hearth

A brick area in front of a fireplace.

Example: They lay on the hearth the entire night in each other’s embrace.

23) Heartily

Affectionately and enthusiastically.

Example: He didn’t have a sweet tooth but heartily ate the apple pie made by her.

24) Heartstring

Sincere and deep feelings of affection.

Example: The way she called his name pulled at his heartstrings.

25) Heartthrob

A very good-looking man.

Example: The man was known for being a heartthrob but only his wife knew of his kind and gentle personality.

26) Heartwarming

Make one’s heart happy.

Example: Seeing the young couple finally reunite after years of separation was truly heartwarming.

27) Heat

Become hot or passionate.

Example: She was looking so sexy that it appeared as though she was giving off tremendous heat.

28) Heavenly

Divine or heaven-like.

Example: Each and every moment spent in her company was a heavenly experience for the boy.

29) Heed

To listen to someone.

Example: A relationship succeeds when people heed each others’ advice!

30) Heighten

A rise in emotion or a situation.

Example: With proper communication and patience, you can heighten the trust in any relationship.

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31) Heirloom

Something that is passed down from one generation to the other.

Example: Now that we are married, this heirloom belongs to you.

32) Held

The act of holding.

Example: He held her gently in his arms as if she were a delicate flower.

33) Helpful

Somebody who has a supportive nature.

Example: Never in her life had she seen a man so helpful and caring!

34) Heritage

Something that is passed down through generations within a family.

Example: I am giving you my grandmother’s heritage, my love!

35) Hero

Someone who is admired for their courage and good deeds.

Example: He was nothing less than a hero when he saved her from the blazing fire.

36) Heroic

Qualities that resemble a hero.

Example: Everybody was extremely impressed with his heroic declaration of love for the woman.

37) Heroine

A brave and courageous woman.

Example: After he saw her save those people, she became a heroine in his eyes.

38) Highest

The topmost position.

Example: Presenting her with an heirloom from his family was the highest compliment he could have given her.

39) Highly

To a large degree.

Example: It was highly significant for her that he was present on her birthday.

40) Hint

A clue.

Example: For months he kept dropping countless hints about his feelings, yet she was completely oblivious!

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41) Hip

A cool person

Example: She was definitely hip and happening!

42) Hitched

Get married.

Example: After years of figuring things out, they were finally hitched.

43) Hold

Have influence over someone.

Example: From the second they met, they had some kind of hold over each other.

44) Holy

Godly, divine, or spiritual.

Example: Her love almost felt holy!

45) Homely

Feeling like that of a home.

Example: She had all the perfect traits of a homely woman.

46) Honesty

Not deceiving, truthful.

Example: Honesty is one of the most important pillars of a relationship.

47) Honey

A term of affection.

Example: Honey, would you please come here?

48) Honeymoon

A vacation that newlywed couples go on.

Example: He planned to surprise her with a trip to Switzerland for their honeymoon.

49) Honor

have/show high respect for someone.

Example: You have to honor your partner’s opinions even if you don’t fully understand them sometimes.

50) Honorable

Deserving respect.

Example: He had more than honorable intentions for her and was ready to marry her.

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51) Hooked

Habituated or addicted.

Example: The way he sang love songs had her absolutely hooked!

52) Hope

To expect something.

Example: Their hope for a better future is what helped their relationship survive for so long.

53) Hot

Sexually attractive.

Example: Nobody in the entire room could deny how hot they looked together.

54) Hug

To embrace someone.

Example: Sometimes all we need is a loving hug from our partner.

55) Humble

Respectful and not arrogant.

Example: Love can make a humble man out of anybody.

56) Humdinger

A truly remarkable human being.

Example: You could tell from far away that she was a humdinger.

57) Hummingbird

A small bird that is able to hover over a flower.

Example: She hovered over me like a hummingbird and I loved it!

58) Hump

To carry something with difficulty.

Example: He humped her love even after she left him.

59) Hunky

Big and strong; handsome.

Example: She couldn’t deny it but she felt attracted to the hunky man.

60) Hypnotic

Make someone feel like they are in a trance.

Example: The way she mysteriously moved through the ballroom had him feeling hypnotic.

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