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Signs He Only Wants You For Your Body

    signs he only wants you for your body

    Knowing someone’s true intentions can be quite tricky in general.

    And when it comes to the world of dating, it can add more complexities than you can make sense of.

    When you’re dating someone, and thinking about the long term, where you could potentially get married, it can come as a shock if the other person isn’t serious about you at all!

    Imagine the horror when you realize that you had been investing your precious time and energy in someone who’s just looking for some sex and feels nothing deeper for you!

    Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people out there.

    And the obvious outcome of this is heartbreak and pain.

    If you want to save yourself from all of this, you should study your partner carefully.

    If they only want you for your body, there will be some telltale indications to look out for.

    Let’s check out some of these below. Please also note you can take any gender and adapt it to your case…. 🙂

    1) He Keeps Complimenting Specific Body Parts

    person complimenting and touching the arm of someone

    You know, we humans like to talk about things that we are obsessed about.

    For example, if you are obsessed with a sports team, you will find ways to talk about them in your conversations without even realizing that you are doing so.

    Similarly, if your partner is with you only for your body, he will keep talking about it in various ways.

    For example, he might compliment your specific body parts. He might say, “You have such a sexy body,” “I love your legs,” “I love how shapely your thighs are,” and so on.

    These compliments should clearly tell you what he is more focused on.

    Now, don’t get me wrong.

    Guys can compliment your body and looks even if they are very serious about you.

    But you can just tell from the tone of their voice that they are not all about your body. And they certainly compliment other things as well.

    For example, they might say things like, “I love your smile,” “Your hair is so silky and smooth,” “Your eyes just make my heart melt,” etc.

    love vs sex quote 1

    2) He Keeps Insisting On Meeting For A Drink

    date at a bar with drinks

    It might seem like a common thing to meet for a drink.

    And you might not think twice about it.

    However, if your date or partner keeps insisting on meeting for drinks repeatedly, especially when it’s the early stages of dating, this could be a hint of his intentions.

    We all know that when you drink, you get inebriated.

    You naturally let your guard down and become more open to suggestions.

    If your date or partner wants you only for your body, that’s probably what he might be trying to do. He might be trying to make you let go of your inhibitions so that you would be more open to sex.

    So, if you suspect that his intentions are not right, you should be careful.

    You could ask him to meet over lunch or dinner and see how he reacts.

    If he really wants to use alcohol as a way to have sex with you, he will probably get frustrated.

    3) He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You

    date where the man tries to touch the woman

    When the relationship is still new, it is normal to want to be physically intimate with your partner.

    As such, if you and your partner can’t keep your hands to yourselves, this might not be that big of an alarm.

    However, if he keeps touching you every time you meet or all the time when you are together, this could be a sign that he only wants you for your body.

    Sure, physical touch may be his love language, but there is a difference between a loving touch and a lustful touch. And there is a limit to everything!

    So, just observe his desire to be physically intimate whenever you’re spending time with him.

    If he doesn’t respect your boundaries and makes you feel uncomfortable, you can end the date or even the relationship politely.

    4) He Doesn’t Talk About The Future of The Relationship

    boyfriend bored to listen to his girlfriend

    If you have been with him for quite some time, it is only normal to wonder about the future of the relationship.

    After all, most people want a partner they can spend their whole lives with.

    And when you’ve been with someone for a while, you begin to at least evaluate whether they are “the one.”

    However, if your partner dodges this question every time you ask him, or becomes uncomfortable, it might be a sign that he doesn’t want to be with you for the long term.

    If he really cared about you and loved you for more than just your body, he would have definitely thought about your future together.

    Yes, sometimes, guys find it difficult to have “the conversation,” but rest assured that they are all evaluating you for the future as well.

    So, if your partner says that he doesn’t know every time you ask, it might be a sign that he is only in the relationship for the physical benefits or that he is not ready for a relationship.

    love vs sex quote 2

    5) He Never Mentions You In Front of His Loved Ones

    man talking with his friends

    When you are new to the relationship, it is understandable that you might want to keep it a secret.

    After all, you are not sure whether it will turn into a serious thing or even continue after a few dates.

    Also, you might be a private person who doesn’t like to share the details of your personal life with other people.

    However, when it’s been some time, it is only natural to want to involve friends and family in the relationship.

    If nothing else, it is at least expected to tell your nearest ones about your partner and the fact that you have been dating them for some time.

    Now, if your partner hasn’t told anyone (and that means anyone!!) about you or the fact that he is even dating, then it is may be a sign that he is with you only for the physical benefits.

    No matter how private he is or how shy, he will at least tell his best friend, sibling, or parents about his relationship if he is serious about it.

    6) He Is Not Interested In Deep Conversations

    man ignoring girlfriend

    When you are in a relationship with someone, it is only normal to have deep conversations every now and then.

    As human beings, we are all complex creatures and it takes a lot to understand someone thoroughly.

    You need to spend a lot of time with them and have healthy conversations to truly “get” what they are all about.

    So, if you have tried having those talks with him but he just doesn’t seem interested, this could be a clear sign of his intentions.

    After all, if he truly cared for you and wanted to be with you for the long run, you wouldn’t even need to ask him to have heart-to-heart conversations.

    The natural conclusion is that his needs are superficial.

    He might only be with you for the sex.

    In such a case, you should make it clear to him that you want much more. If he still doesn’t care, it is best to part ways.

    love vs sex quote 3

    7) He Doesn’t Like To Hear No

    man angry at girfriend for saying no

    Sex can be an awesome experience when you are both into it.

    But things can take a really sour turn if any one of the people involved feels pressurized to have sex.

    It can be a big turn-off, to say the least.

    It can even be a sign that the other person cares about his needs more than yours and doesn’t know how to respect your boundaries.

    So, if your partner doesn’t like to hear no when you tell him that you’re not in the mood, you should start being cautious.

    A person who truly cares for you would never pressurize you or make you feel bad about not fulfilling his needs. He would understand and value your needs and mental/emotional states.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you do it just to make him happy, you should really reconsider your relationship.

    You should also reconsider things if you are frequently asked to “experiment” with things that you are not at all comfortable with.

    8) He Only Remembers You When He Needs Something

    man tries to convince his girlfriend

    This is a classic one.

    And it isn’t only limited to your partner.

    In general, if someone only remembers you when they need something from you, and doesn’t bother about you afterward, what would you think about them?

    You would obviously think that they are selfish people who only want to use you, right?

    The same applies to your partner.

    If he calls you, visits you, or spends time with you only when he needs something, and ghosts you when he doesn’t, you should run away from him as fast as you can.

    Such a person is probably only using you for one reason or another.

    Maybe he’s using you for your body, maybe he is extracting financial help, or maybe he needs any of the countless other things.

    Whatever it might be, this is not a relationship that will lead to fulfillment.

    It will only lead to heartbreak and grief in the future.

    So, part ways as soon as you can and find someone who actually cares about you.

    9) He Flirts With Other Women

    man unfaithful to his girlfriend

    Flirting is a mixed bag.

    Some people think it is okay to a degree for their partner to flirt with other people.

    But the majority rightly think that it is not okay.

    After all, if you are in a romantic relationship, how can you talk to someone else as if you are attracted to them? Doesn’t it go against the principles of being in a relationship?

    Anyway, if he flirts with other women, whether in front of you or behind your back, it might be a sign that he is not serious about you.

    Men who are in love don’t do this.

    They care too much about their partner’s feelings to do anything that could jeopardize the relationship.

    Naturally, you should first have an honest conversation with your partner if he does flirt with other women.

    You should tell him that you don’t like it and are looking for complete commitment. If he changes, well, that shows he cares. If he doesn’t, that’s your sign to take your leave.

    love vs sex quote 4

    10) He Seems To Leave In A Hurry After Sex

    man leaving in a hurry after sex

    This is another classic sign – do what you came for and leave.

    What clearer signs could you want than this?

    Sure, he might have a genuine reason once or twice.

    But if he does this almost every time, you have to pay attention to the obvious!

    You see, when there is love and care in a relationship, sex is just a part of it. An important part, but still just a part. What matters more is the intimacy between two people. It’s spending quality time with each other that matters.

    In fact, the more you love someone, the more time you want to spend with them.

    So, if he always leaves in a hurry after getting physical, it is only obvious that he wants nothing more.

    If this bothers you, you should have an honest conversation with him.

    You should tell him that you want something deeper. If he doesn’t respond positively, well, you should just walk away.

    11) You Feel Like Your Relationship Isn’t Moving Forward

    woman fed up with her boyfriend

    A relationship naturally progresses forward from one stage to the next.

    It is just how things evolve between two people.

    You first start dating each other to see whether things will work out. Then things become more serious and you get into an exclusive relationship. Then you move in with your partner.

    And if everything works out well, you eventually get married.

    Now, if you feel like you are stuck in the first stage of the relationship, where it is still all about sex or casual dating, then you need to reevaluate the relationship.

    If he was serious about you, things would have progressed naturally. If they haven’t, even though you are ready for it, it means that the problem is from his side.

    Now you have to decide whether you will indulge him or whether you will take a stand for yourself.

    As a self-respecting human being, you should do what is right even though it might be difficult to do so.

    12) His Words And Actions Don’t Match

    couple dispute

    In general, any person whose words and actions don’t match isn’t a reliable person.

    Such a person may either be too casual in their approach or might have ill intentions toward other people.

    So, observe what your partner says and whether he backs it up with action or not.

    For example, he might tell you that you mean a lot to him. But his actions might not back up his claim. He might not care for your needs, spend quality time with you, have deep talks, talk about the future, express his love, and so on.

    If this is the case, it’s clear that you might face disappointments repeatedly in your relationship.

    Eventually, this will damage the relationship in one way or the other.

    How long can you continue when your expectations are never matched and his promises are never fulfilled?

    love vs sex quote 5

    13) He Never Asks You About Your Day

    woman being ignored by boyfriend

    This one is obvious, isn’t it?

    In a healthy relationship, partners share most things with each other.

    After all, communication is one of the most important pillars of any relationship. It is through your daily talks and sharing of the tiniest details that your bond grows stronger and things become more intimate and serious.

    However, if your partner is not interested in your daily life, it could definitely be a red flag that he is not looking to build something meaningful with you.

    It could also indicate that he is more focused on himself and his needs rather than investing time and effort in the relationship.

    Why else would he not want to get involved with the nitty-gritty of your life?

    So, take this as a possible hint that he just wants you for your body.

    Sure, this realization may hurt for a while, but you will save yourself from even more grief in the future when he eventually gets tired of you.

    14) He Never Makes Plans Other Than Sex

    woman feeling sad with boyfriend on the bed

    A partner who is invested in you and the future of the relationship will actively make plans for dates or random hangouts.

    For example, he might take you out on a date at your favorite restaurant, make plans for a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast, go on a spontaneous road trip with you, go stargazing, or just hang out at the park.

    If these things sound unfamiliar to you, it’s because your partner never makes any plans other than sex.

    His idea of a “good time” is getting physical and he is always up for it, no matter the time or situation.

    This is obviously another red flag that shows he is not serious about you.

    15) He Doesn’t Want To Meet Your Loved Ones

    girl having fun with her friends and family

    Have you ever observed how he reacts when you talk about your loved ones or suggest that you two should meet them? Does he show interest or does he always have an excuse to not do so?

    If it’s the latter, this could be another potential red flag.

    Sure, when the relationship is still new, it is understandable if he doesn’t want to meet with your family or friends.

    He might still be trying to figure out the future of the relationship.

    However, if you guys have been together for a while now, the next logical step is to involve loved ones.

    If he is not willing to meet your parents, he should at least meet your friends and get to know your world better.

    If he is not interested in even that, this naturally raises doubts about his intentions for you. Does he even want a long-term future with you? Or is he just with you for the physical benefits?

    16) He’s Not Interested In Your Hobbies And Interests

    person alone with her horse for hobby

    We are all unique individuals. As such, we all have our own hobbies and interests.

    And the same can be true with you and your partner.

    You could either love the same things or have totally different interests and tastes. It could also be that there are some things that you both enjoy.

    Now, if he is not interested in your hobbies and interests and makes no effort to spend time doing those things with you, this shows that he might not care too much about you.

    After all, when you love someone, you go the extra mile to make them feel special and bring a smile to their face. It is the least anybody can do for you.

    However, if he’s not willing to do so, that tells a lot about the type of person he is.

    It tells you that he is the selfish type who only cares about his interests and needs.

    And he has certainly no intentions of making you the queen of his heart.

    love vs sex quote 6

    17) He Always Wants To “Stay In”

    couple cuddling in bed

    This is another clear sign that he wants you only for your body.

    Especially when the relationship is relatively still new.

    You see, when things are new, you naturally want to spend a lot of time with your partner. You want to go out on dates and do things that you both enjoy.

    However, if your partner only wants you for sex, he will definitely not want to go out that much.

    Instead, he will keep asking you to stay in.

    Obviously, this is because staying in allows him to make advances on you and make sure things get physical. In his mind, staying home gives him the chance to have as much sex as he wants.

    If this bothers you, which I’m guessing it does, you should politely leave the relationship.

    Even after talking to him about how you feel, he still doesn’t change his ways, it is better to leave than get your heart broken to pieces in the future.

    18) He Is Obsessed With Physical Beauty

    man obsessed with his looks on the mirror

    Every person is obsessed with one thing or the other.

    Some are obsessed with music, some with food, some with art, and so on.

    If your partner happens to be obsessed with physical beauty and sex, you can easily observe this in his behavior.

    In fact, he will always keep talking about his looks or the attribute of beauty in general.

    He might also keep looking at other women and appreciating their various physical features.

    In doing so, he might also say some inappropriate things.

    Naturally, nobody does this in front of their date or partner. It only shows that he is interested in sex and that’s the only thing he wants from you.

    Sure, it is okay to be concerned about looks in general.

    But if it is all you can think of and talk about, it shows your superficial nature.

    Life and relationships are more than just about looks. It’s the subtler things that matter more. If he doesn’t understand such a simple concept, he might not be the right one for you.

    19) He Doesn’t Care About Your Pleasure

    selfish man

    When you’re having sex with him, there are certain signs that will show you that he doesn’t care about your pleasure.

    For instance, he won’t communicate during sex or ask you whether you’re comfortable with something or not.

    Even if you give him feedback, he will be not interested in hearing it.

    Plus, he will want you to pleasure him in different ways while he won’t make the same effort for you.

    Things like these clearly show that he is a selfish person who cares about his sexual needs only. It also shows that he is only interested in the physical act of sex, rather than creating an emotional connection with you.

    The whole point of sex actually goes beyond just the physical.

    It is the coming together of two people and forming a sacred union.

    Sure, it is also about having fun, but if you want, it can be the greatest bonding experience.

    His selfish attitude, however, should tell you that he is not mature enough to understand this.

    love vs sex quote 7

    20) He Keeps Talking About His Sex Life With His Exes

    man bragging

    This is another sign that clearly tells you that sex is probably the most important thing for him.

    Even when he is with you, he might keep talking about his sex life with his exes.

    Often, this is an uncomfortable topic for partners.

    However, he might not care. He might just want to show off how good he is in bed or that he has been with beautiful women or show that his exes were always open to having sex with him… and so should you….

    Clearly, a man like this is with you only for one reason.

    Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want to entertain his obsession, or whether you would be with someone who wants something deeper.

    If it is the latter, you will obviously need to walk away and find a better person.

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