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A Complete Guide to Spiritual Grounding: 10 techniques that help you stay rooted

spiritual grounding illustration

Spiritual grounding is really necessary today in our society more than ever. We have to face so many challlenges and issues in our lives that grounding should be part of your daily activities.

A little bit about spiritual grounding

Grounding is not something new, trendy, woohoo or some abstract magic.

It is a really basic and concrete medicine for all living beings.

To root yourself means to embody yourself, to be present on the ground you stand on and fill yourself up with the energy that it offers.

By grounding, you fully connect with the physical dimension that you operate in. It is a wonderful remedy for those moments in which we feel triggered, overwhelmed, too tired to live, all over the place, confused or panicked.

We are so far away from the ground we stand on, our home.

Our ancestors knew some things that we have forgotten. If we look back, as a human race, we never knew of diseases that are so frequent in today’s world.

Those were the days when we did not elevate ourselves from the Earth we belong by creating huge silicon shoe platforms and high skyscrapers.

In those days, Man was constantly wired to his cleanest and vital energy source, the ground. It made him happy, peaceful and rooted.

hands holding plant on soil

When we separate from the Earth, we feel the disbalance in all areas of our lives. We become mentally absent, emotionally triggered by everything and out of touch with the coordination in our physical body.

It happens to all of us, especially those who have spiritual tendencies and are interested in all the other, invisible dimensions.

But to travel and explore safely, you need to master the art of grounding yourself first.

So, let’s see how we can ground ourselves and get back the lost connection.

10 Spiritual Grounding Techniques that work best when you are ungrounded:

We go in-depth with each of the techniques that help us connect to our roots and become calmer.

1. Meditation – here and now

girl meditating on a mountain

Meditation is by far the most efficient spiritual grounding technique that has been used almost forever in various forms.

Grounding meditation is best when done outdoors in direct contact with the Earth.

When in communion with nature, it is much easier to become present in the here and now and embody yourself. 

Because the consequences of being ungrounded are lack of focus and scatteredness, it can be hard to “make yourself meditate” when in this state.

But, if we cultivate the state of inner peace and focus on the observer and not on the analytical mind, we can ground.

The way I love to say it is that we can bring a balance between the Earth and the Sky.

Through meditation, we observe the flow of energy, our thoughts and inner colours while at the same time practising how not to attach to these observations.

To emphasise, practising. It is not about being perfect, but to practise acceptance of ourselves in all states of being without attaching to them.

And if you are not successful at this sometimes, do not attach to that, either. It’s okay!

How to do that?

There are different ways to meditate, but in the state of ungroundedness, the most simple way to get back to the moment is just to observe. Yeah just observe and draw your attention to what happens in your body.

You are cultivating the inner peace in the rough sea of thoughts, actions and ideas.

So, who is this guy, the observer?

Your presence alone will create harmony and grounding.

The true magic happens when you shift your perspective and embody your self-confidence.

Alberto Villoldo has a lovely name for the observing aspect of our being, the Wiseman.

So, how do we wake up this wise man inside of us?

By taking a moment to stop and become aware of the wave of thoughts that come and go, without identifying with them. Do not try to catch those thoughts or try to control them, just observe them.

And you will soon see that you got lost in a wave and that you are not present anymore. But, no worries, just breathe and do it all over again.

As I said, this is practice.

Sometimes, you have to get lost to find your way back.

And try not to fight anything because the analytical mind loves conflict. The inner conflict arises when we fight our thoughts, so try to avoid it.

When you rise above the separation that the mind created, there is only the observer.

And you will notice how much more grounded you feel when accepting all that is.

Even after a 5-minute practice, you will see that breath and presence melt away all that is not needed.

When we let go of our mind, we become more reasonable.

The Wiseman is a higher intelligence hidden in the back of our eyes that witnesses our life like watching a movie. While the mind becomes lost in all that happens around it and inside of it, the Wiseman just stands there, observes and eats popcorns.

So when you need him, just focus on your body, on the present moment to let the wiseman rise.

2. Conscious Breathing – Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

woman breathing deeply in a forest

Take a deep breath in, and then let go.

I suppose you already feel softer.

While all the other tools can do wonders for us, the most basic one is breathing.

I know that you know that breathing is crucial. But this is a reminder to breathe deeply and consciously.

When you bring awareness to your breath, you can call that instant grounding.

When you feel triggered, out of control, or harmony, try to stop for a second and breathe, I think that a lot of us have this somewhere in the back of our mind. But when the moment comes, it is really hard to apply it.

Breathing techniques help you relax your body and release all that you do not need. I will share a few tips for conscious breathing that help me the most.

  1. Breathe deeply and with a lot of patience, visualising that you are breathing in life and letting go of all the negativity. Breath is the food to your entire system.
  2.  Choose a spot in your home that is the breathing corner. Visit it various times a day when you feel stressed out. It is your grounding place, a comfort zone in which you reconnect to your essence.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes or unzip if something is making you feel tight.
  4. Do it at least twice a day.
  5. Breathe in on your nose, breathe out through your nose. Or if it is really heavy, let yourself occasionally breathe out on your mouth.


Fire breath

This technique has shown amazing results for me. You do it by pumping from the centre of your navel and breathing fast through your nose. Your mouth should be closed. It activates the life energy within and wakes you up.

By waking up with this technique, you can ground and feel the space inside your body.

Breath focus – Positive Affirmations

This technique is very efficient. It is a form of meditation. You use a phrase or a word in your mind that you think of while inhaling and exhaling. For example, “I breathe in peace and calm”.

While doing it, you connect to the words that you are saying and try to fill your entire body with this feeling. I will offer a few of them that you can use:

  • I am Love
  • I am gentle
  • I am rooted
  • I am focused
  • I am balanced
  • I am enough
  • I am home
  • I am present

I am sure you already feel more grounded and in touch with yourself. Make your list of affirmations. Offer yourself that which you need to hear.

3. Spending time in nature

hills and mountains with sky

Walking barefoot

When was the last time you took your shoes off and let the soles of your feet play with the grass?

When was the last time you focused on all the textures and sensations that the Earth offers to you?

Walking barefoot is one of the most sacred medicines that we have available. You can feel it if you take off your shoes in a park and connect to the ground beneath you. Earth nurtures us.

By walking barefoot, we receive electrons from Mama Earth, which helps to optimize our immune system and boost our energy levels. These electrons also have the role of antioxidants, which helps us stay healthy and reduces risks of inflammation.

Observing nature

Observing nature is a beautiful way to wake up the Wiseman inside of us.

Nature offers numerous artistic scenes that can deeply soothe us and nurture our soul.

For example, while I am writing this, I am observing the rain. It brings me to the present moment, makes me calm and harmonizes my breath. The rain is falling on the ground and in a way connecting me to the ground with its sounds.

Connecting with grounding crystals

Crystals are your allies on your grounding path. They help clear blockages and support the flow of positive energy to travel from the Earth to your root chakra.

These magical assistants will help you feel more positive and centred.

I will list some of my favourite grounding crystals but keep in mind that you should follow your intuition when choosing them.

These are suggestions based on the energies that the crystals offer, but your connection with them is what matters the most.

Here are my top 3 grounding stones :

Black Obsidian

This black stone is connected with the root chakra. Its form is designed by the cooling of lava. So, it is a blend of the elements of earth, fire and water.

With its deep connection to the Earth and the root chakra, Black Obsidian is “the” crystal to choose when grounding is needed. It also collects the negative energy from your aura and canalizes it to the root chakra which is a path to the earth.

Red Jasper

This red crystal connects us with our root and sacral chakra. It is a warm and gentle grounding stone that helps us recognize our strengths.

It is also used for reconnecting with your higher self and enhancing self-belief. Red Jasper creates balance, so keep that in mind if you search to harmonize your emotional, physical or mental health. This stone offers the increase of life energy which results in more endurance, strength and decisiveness when facing life challenges.


Hematite is also known as the Stone for the mind. The colours of this crystal are silver, black and red with a metallic sheen.

The chakra which connects to this crystal is the root chakra. It is one of the most potent grounding crystals which helps us root and stay present. Hematite helps to organize, stay focused, control our reactions and make healthy decisions. It also keeps us safe from emotionally draining people. (for example: jealous people, you can read our article about how to deal with jealous people here)

4. Serving

Hand reaching out to help

One of the most ungrounding states is self-absorption.

When you become too busy with yourself to serve others, check if you are grounded.

We often get lost in a loop of our worries and problems and get stuck in insufficient energy flow.

So, if you feel like you lack the connection with the ground, try helping others that share this ground with you. By focusing on others and helping them achieve their goals, you can take some rest from the chaotic inner world and invest your energy in something more efficient.

By leaving your worries behind and offering yourself to serve a higher purpose, you will find ease. When other people depend on us, we instantly become more aware of our actions.

Here are some ideas:

  • Go to a shelter for dogs and offer to take one of them for a walk.
  • Volunteer in some of your communities.
  • Offer a helping hand to your friend with something that he/she does not like doing.
  • Grab a coffee for your neighbour.
  • Do random acts of kindness.
  • Invite your friends and prepare a nurturing meal for them.

Go, offer your magic to this world!

5. Disconnecting from the internet to connect to your reality


We all know how hard it is to talk with two people at the same time.

It is almost annoying to follow two different streams of thoughts while trying to stay focused.

Well, we all became heavy multitaskers in this new technology-oriented age.

You probably have your messages waiting for you just now while trying to be present and reading this article.

Well, this is a constant distraction.

Earthing is all about being present in your body. Being present in the moment. Social Media often does not support the state of being grounded.

So, by limiting your screen time and using your social media consciously, you can ground yourself.

By letting go of the unnecessary information, you make the space for what matters. Being ungrounded means being all over the place, not in tune with your main focus at the moment.

While chatting and constantly intaking information, you lose touch with yourself.

I am inviting you to try to bring awareness to how you use your energy. Sending messages, reading Facebook status, watching stories and reading the news can make you disoriented in real-time and space, let alone affecting your self esteem…( check our article here about how social media affects self esteem here)

Ask yourself a question:

Do I want to invest my time and energy in talking to this person or going through the news feed? Is this my priority, and do I have something more productive to invest myself in?

If you find that you would like to limit your screen time, it may be a little bit tricky.

Most of us are used to being distracted and slightly addicted to checking our phones.

So it may be a problem to leave this old habit behind.

But, good things take time.

Often to let go of our old patterns, we need to invest our energy in it. The first step to transforming an unhealthy habit is to realize that you have it.

When you accept this, you can find numerous creative ways to let go of it.

For example, choose two hours a day when you are online. Or, delete social media from your phone and use them only when you are on your computer. You will see how grateful you will become for all the time you have for yourself.

6. Singing

woman singing

Singing is a great way to ground yourself.

When you sing, you concentrate on your breath, body and the sound you are producing at the exact moment.

While you are producing the sound within your body, you make it more fluid, raising your energy levels and your frequency.

This does not mean you are becoming less grounded. On the contrary, it helps you have a clear mind, which makes you more concentrated on the things you are investing your energy in.

Also, singing should be an everyday practice because as you sing, you celebrate the joy of life.

And with this kind of everyday celebration, you are becoming more grounded in a healthy way.

Besides, with singing, you focus your energy on your lungs, which helps you to breathe better, providing you with more health.

Remember: the first sign of groundedness is your physical health.

You can also sing for others, which is an act of opening your heart. The open heart provides you with healthy and sincere relationships with yourself and others. And it is always good to have other, healthy reflections on your mental, physical and spiritual health.

7. Dancing/ Exercising / Body Scanning

friends dancing together

Our bodies are a wonderful instrument for grounding and nurturing ourselves (and probably the most obvious one).

So, when you’re in need of grounding, remember that you have a body! The intelligence of it is humbling.

Body scan

What I rely on when I feel that I am ungrounded is my dance.

An efficient technique to start with is the body scan.

By scanning your body from your toes to your scalp, you can breathe in awareness in each of your body parts. This will make you feel present and bring you into focus. When you check in with your body, you will fully harmonize your mind, heart and soul with their earthly vehicle. 

Free movement – dance

I usually start melting (literally) myself on the floor after a body scan and connect with the Earth that way.

It is very grounding to explore how your body interacts with the ground that holds it.

This way, you start understanding that there is an ever-present force that supports you. This is why we call her Mother Earth. She is always there to remind us of who we are and where we are heading.

So, I invite you to explore this connection–the connection between your hands, feet, abdomen, shoulders, head and hips with the ground.

By gently moving your body in a safe space, you will develop a more intimate relationship with your body and the Earth that is home to that body.

Intuitive movement and all other forms of expression are grounding because they are a material form of our inner states.

Through our body and voice, we make our thoughts and feelings real, while at the same time, we let them go. This practice is so deep, grounding and enjoyable!


If dancing is a little bit too artistic and out of the structure for you at the moment, you can choose other forms of using your body.

Exercising is a beautiful way to get back to your body, nurture it with strength and activate your life energy.

From tai chi, yoga, or just regular stretching, our body is grateful for each movement we offer to it.

By activating the parts of our body, we will feel a sense of centeredness. To become aware of the space that we take with our body, of our existence in the physical realm in the material form, means to ground deeply.

8. Touch, massage and self-massage

woman self massaging

One grounding thing in this world is touch.

When we touch each other, we get a reflection of our existence.

A healthy touch is like an affirmation of our place in this world. Hugs, kisses, caresses are something like saying that you belong here and you are accepted.

Sometimes when we feel lonely and when we lack touch, we can become ungrounded because it hurts to be in our body.

But, I encourage you to touch others, hug people, and hold them by their hand. We’ve become far too distant and cold in this online era. The warmth of our bodies can remind us of why we are here.


Massaging your body is nurturing and grounding. Offering your touch to yourself is a real act of kindness and self-love.

I started practising this two years ago.

Since then, each morning when I wake up, I give myself a gentle touch on my neck, shoulders and face area. This 5-minute ritual has transformed my life. I feel more alive and full of energy. To wake up your body softly and gently gives you a sense of grounding. I highly recommend touching your body to keep yourself oriented and connected.

A touch from a grounded individual

Another way to embody yourself is through receiving a massage.

There are certain times in life when we need a push from somebody that is riding a more fluid wave than we are.

There is no reason to be ashamed of needing support.

That is why healers and therapists exist. To remind us of what we already have inside when we forget it.

Receiving a massage can be beneficial for connecting with our roots, root chakra and body in general. I love abdominal massages that are all about grounding.

You can also try shiatsu, which is a meditative bodywork massage that (when done properly) has a lot to offer to an ungrounded individual.

9. Balance your diet

salads and vegetables

Well, food.

Food, in general, is very grounding.

We often fast when we explore the higher states of consciousness and eat when we want to remind ourselves of the physical realm.

But it is not that simple.

Different kinds of food have different effects on our energy levels and their quality.

The philosophy that goes in-depth about this is Macrobiotics.

Here (macrobiotic diet) is an article explaining the macrobiotic diet with a chart of balanced foods.

But to give you an overview, we need to listen to our bodies and balance our plates.

Macrobiotics talk about the constant balancing of the Yin and the Yang. The Yang energy is more grounding and brings us back to focus, while the Yin energy is more like water, and it expands us.

Both of them are neither good nor bad. They just are; the beauty of it is the constant dance of balancing the opposites.

If we balance our plate, we balance our life.

10. Ask yourself questions, follow your internal structure

woman thinking alone

And last, but most important.

Invest your thoughts on your mission, your way and your purpose in this world.

To know your place on this Earth means to know the land you walk on.

What can be more grounding than that?

Work with your mind and question the things which ground you.

A grounded individual is stable while he/she walks with his/her roots deep in the Earth.

But to nurture stability, he/she must raise his/her foot and abandon the old ground he/she was standing on.

He/she needs to leave his/her comfort zone again and again.

In other words, if you want to stay grounded, you need to accept the uncertainty of the world we live in.

To keep your focus amongst all the chaos, you should connect to your stability and the tree of life inside of you.

To achieve it, you have to accept that there will be days when you are less rooted and when more work is needed since the transformation is the only constant.

My loving friend has a saying for days like this: Take a stream of a better day.

Remember, it is all about constant balancing, there is no final result, but an eternal dance.

To ground is to pour your energies back into the earth and feel the warm cam of nature entering your body in exchange

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