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The Power of Meditation : The 6 special “powers”

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    You might already know that meditation is an ancient practice and that we humans have been doing it for thousands of years.

    But you might be surprised to know that in Hinduism, mentions of meditation date back to hundreds of thousands of years.

    However, the oldest documented evidence of meditation, in wall arts in the Indian subcontinent, dates back only to approximately 5000 to 3500 BCE. In these wall arts, people are shown seated in meditative postures.

    In the modern world, meditation is often referred to as a super solution for a lot of problems that are born out of our modern lifestyle.

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    We have all heard about how meditation can help you calm down, reduce stress levels, decrease anxiety, bring about emotional stability, and so on.

    Those of you who practice meditation on a regular basis may have even experienced these benefits first hand.

    It’s such a wonderful thing that a practice this ancient is still relevant today. In fact, you could say that it is more relevant than ever owing to the type of world we have built where our lives seem more mechanical than natural.

    But meditation wasn’t necessarily always used for health benefits. There are many accounts in spiritual texts in Hinduism and Buddhism that talk about “special powers” that can be attained through meditation. Yep, special powers….

    More Than Just Health Benefits

    In ancient times, yogis, sages, and spiritual gurus are said to have practiced meditation to attain nirvana.

    This is a transcendental state where the soul is said to be unleashed from the physical body to become free from the cycle of birth and death, according to Buddhism.

    In fact, it represents the final goal of Buddhism as well as Hinduism. In the latter, this concept is known as “Moksha”.

    It is said that Buddha himself attained this state only after deep meditation for a long, long time! Even today, many people in Tibet, India, Nepal, and other parts of the world, abandon their social life to practice deep transcendental meditation in the hopes that they will attain nirvana.

    Elder people who have lived long lives and have fulfilled their responsibilities towards their family and society are more likely to take this path, though it is not too common.

    Naturally, you would think that there is some element of truth in this concept for people to dedicate their lives to it.

    But wait, there is more!

    There are many different forms of meditation and today, only a handful are known in the mainstream.

    It is said that there are special forms of meditation that are known and practiced by Tibetan monks, sages, or mystics that can even give you some really “cool powers”.

    It may be hard to believe in the power of meditation but after all, are we disciplined enough to train and meditate enough to reach these extreme levels…..? Some of you won’t probably beelieve it.

    That is totally understandable.

    As for me, I prefer to stay open minded. There are so many things we do no know in this universe.

    What Powers Can Meditation Give You?

    Wouldn’t it be absolutely great if you could obtain special abilities by practicing meditation?

    It would almost be like the movie Dr. Strange. ( ok ok the nerd in me is a bit excited lol)

    I mean, who wouldn’t want to have these powers!

    First of all, it’s super cool and secondly, you could use them to do a lot of good in the world.

    However, it’s not that easy. It can take years or even decades to see any progress.

    Also, most of these abilities are mentioned in ancient spiritual texts and the exact methods to achieve them may be lost to time.

    But, there are accounts of the powers and also of people having attained them. So, it’s useful and quite interesting to know about them anyway.

    Feel the feeling but don't become the emotion. Witness it. Allow it. Release it.

    Below, I talk about six such powers that you “could” possibly get.

    1. Telepathy

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could just talk to other people using your mind, no matter how far they were?

    Well, our smartphones give us this ability but still, brain to brain communication would be really nice.

    It could also save you a lot of money on your yearly phone bills!

    Buddhist and Hindu texts have several accounts of ancient yogis talking to each other using only their minds.

    There are many advantages of doing so.

    First, you don’t need a phone or a network connection.

    Second, you can communicate complex ideas much better than you can with your voice.

    When thoughts are translated into speech, a lot of loss happens during this process. When mind to mind transfer of information takes place, it is almost lossless.

    ok, I see you smiling but don’t think it is totally stupid. In fact, Elon Musk who is developing a Neuralink brain implant said so in an interview recently.

    2. Healing Powers

    It’s normal for your body to experience wear and tear and also illnesses from time to time.

    Thankfully, it has the ability to heal itself, although it might take its own sweet time depending upon how complex the healing is.

    Meditation can make this whole process much faster. It can speed up healing and also help you fight off illnesses. And this is just the result of the regular type of meditation that we are all aware of.

    Some mystical forms of meditation can initiate miraculous healing; even from chronic diseases or conditions.

    It is said that if you can successfully manipulate the natural energies of your body or some other person’s body, you can effectively heal anything you want, no matter how severe the damage is.

    Energy healers are already doing this all over the world and there have been real results. think of reiki, acupuncture etc….

    3. Premonition

    If you could gain the ability to see the future, or even glimpses of it, you would be much better off in your life.

    You would be able to take wiser decisions and avoid making a few mistakes. In fact, you may have already had premonitions either in your sleep or in the form of deja vu.

    During these experiences, you know for a split second what is going to happen next, and strangely enough, it does!

    Deep meditation can give you the powers of premonition if you are able to realize the true nature of reality experientially.

    What this means is that you are able to become “one with everything”. This is a phrase that is often used in spirituality and it means that you are so attuned with reality itself that you just know what may happen next.

    In spirituality, this is literally what enlightenment is said to be.

    buddha statue meditating

    4. Longevity of Life

    Who wouldn’t want to live a longer life?

    Scientists are literally at work, as we speak, trying to figure out how to slow down ageing.

    And from the looks of it, they might need a few decades to come up with something tangible.

    Meditation, however, is already here and it has been shown to be quite effective against so many physical, mental, and emotional issues.

    It rejuventates the cells in your body by doing away with stress on a cellular level.

    Some practices of meditation, coupled with ingestion of herbs could increase your lifespan to more than a hundred years. These forms of meditation also include special breathing techniques that can really slow down your ageing if done on a regular basis.

    These techniques help maintain the natural energy centers of your body known as “chakras” and so, you are able to live a much longer life.

    5. Ability to Raise/Lower Body Temperature

    Your body works hard to maintain your core body temperature within a fixed range.

    When it becomes too hot outside, it takes measures like sweating to cool it down and when it becomes too cold outside, it takes measures to increase your body’s temperature.

    All of this happens automatically in the background.

    Now, with the help of some forms of meditation, you can take conscious control of this process if and when you need it.

    Even today, yogis are seen in the Himalays, almost bare naked but sitting comfortably in snow. Other people would simply freeze to death but these yogis are able to sit and meditate as if they are on a beach!

    In fact, a modern-day yogi named Wim Hof puzzled scientists when he used meditation to stay submerged in ice water for 2 hours without his temperature changing in response.

    Later, he ran a marathon through a desert without drinking any water. This was only possible because of his practice of meditation.

    6. Immunity To Pain

    Pain can be quite helpful for your brain to realize which part of your body needs healing.

    There are some situations, however, where you could really use the ability to stop pain.

    This might happen when you are suffering from a terrible headache and need relief immediately.

    Some practices of meditation along with breathing exercises can give you immunity to pain. You might have even heard of this before.

    There are some documentaries out there that portray the training that Tibetan monks go through. It is often showed that they have to master pain in order to progress forward in their spiritual journey.

    Through intense meditation, they are able to completely block out feelings of pain. This requires sheer determination and only a highly focused mind can achieve this feat. Once attained, these Tibetan monks can tolerate the harshest of physical pain without so much as an eyebrow raise.

    I don’t know about you but the very idea of potentially getting some of these powers make me want to meditate…. but first I have to overcome my lazyness haha.

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