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Why Hobbies Are Important : 15 Reasons to Take Time

    Why hobbies are important

    In today’s world, where everything happens in fast-forward mode, it is quite easy to forget yourself.

    I am sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Your work and responsibilities become so important that you simply overlook your own needs.

    You either don’t have the time or the energy to do things that you love.

    I guess that’s why so many people are going through mental health issues nowadays.

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is that it’s important to take time out for your hobbies.

    man playing video games

    They’ll not only help you maintain a work-life balance, but they’ll also provide opportunities for personal growth.

    If you need more convincing, however, let me talk about more compelling reasons why hobbies are important.

    1) Hobbies Are Great Stress Busters

    I think it won’t be wrong to say that a lot of people today feel like they are living inside a pressure cooker.

    The fast-paced nature of our lives pushes us to our limits and beyond.

    We humans aren’t built to handle such pressure for prolonged periods.

    This is why so many people constantly live in a state of stress.

    This is where hobbies come into play.

    Having a hobby or two can be a great stress buster in your life.

    It gives you the satisfaction that you are engaging in things that you love.

    It takes your mind off the things that are constantly weighing you down.

    And, you no longer feel as though your life is all work and no play.

    if you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time

    2) Hobbies Allow You To Unplug

    Adding to the previous point, hobbies can also be a great way to unplug.

    Often, work can be so consuming that you don’t even think of carving out time for other activities.

    You become stuck in a cycle where you keep following the same monotonous routine every single day.

    Eventually, this causes burnout.

    You will feel as though you are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

    Hobbies can be your deliberate way of unplugging.

    You can devote some time every day to a leisure activity that you enjoy.

    You can even keep your entire weekend clear for this purpose.

    This will help maintain a healthy work-life balance, and you won’t stretch yourself too thin.

    3) Hobbies Provide You With New Experiences

    girl hiking as a hobby

    Again, routines can be very monotonous.

    You keep doing the same things over and over again.

    This applies equally to work.

    The variety of challenges and experiences tend to get diminished after you become habituated with your work.

    This might seem like a good thing, but it actually is not.

    That’s because we humans crave new challenges and experiences.

    Having several different hobbies can fulfill that craving.

    For instance, if you start learning a musical instrument, you will get to experience something entirely new.

    Trust me, it’s an adventure on its own.

    Similarly, if you take up a sport that you’ve never played before, you will get to learn things that you had never even imagined!

    We need this sort of “newness” in our lives.

    do more of what makes you happy

    4) Hobbies Prevent Bad Habits

    I am sure you have heard the old adage, “An empty mind is the devil’s workshop.”

    The message here is that when we are idle, we get wicked thoughts quite easily.

    These thoughts can then lead you down a destructive path.

    This is why it’s said that you should always keep your mind busy. That way, you will only do productive things.

    And what better way to ensure productive use of time than hobbies!

    No matter what hobby you take, you will ensure that your mind is always occupied. That way, you won’t even think about engaging in negative activities.

    This will keep bad habits at bay.

    5) Hobbies Can Serve As Sources of Income

    This is a really interesting one.

    Most of the time, people think of hobbies as something they can do in their free time.

    But if you think about it, hobbies can become additional sources of income for you!

    If you find something that you really like doing, and it happens to be something that can generate revenues, you can definitely set it up as a secondary source of income.

    In a world as volatile as ours, this can truly be a blessing.

    When you have something to fall back upon, you won’t be stressed out all the time.

    After all, you will know that you and your family are secured even if things go sideways.

    6) Hobbies Can Help You Meet New People

    It is important to have a good network of people in your life.

    You need to know people outside of your work and personal life. You never know who can help you get out of a tricky situation!

    Plus, it’s only human nature to want to socialize with like-minded people.

    A great way of ensuring all of this is by engaging in a variety of hobbies.

    For instance, if you like reading books, you might take up a library membership. There you might meet new people who are interested in the same fields as you!

    Or, you might join a local sports team or a dance class and meet new people there. It’s really that easy!

    always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive

    7) Hobbies Allow You To Explore Your Hidden Talents

    In my opinion, we all have talents that we are not aware of.

    I mean, think about it.

    When you were in school, you were exposed to so many different activities.

    You might even have found a couple of things that you were really good at.

    But when you grew older and started earning a living, you chose one direction and stuck to it.

    Then, all your growth happened in that particular industry only. This kept all your other abilities hidden deep within yourself.

    This is why it’s so important to engage in as many hobbies as you can.

    You never know what talent is hidden inside you. You have to give things a shot and figure out what more you’re capable of.

    Who knows, you might be a really great dancer, a great artist, or even a natural musician. You will never know if you don’t try.

    woman playing piano

    8) Hobbies Improve Your Self-confidence

    Your self-confidence is influenced by a lot of things.

    But the way you see yourself has to be among the top ones.

    If you think that you are a capable and smart human being, then your confidence will match that perception.

    However, if you think that you are not enough, your self-worth will take a beating.

    So, it’s really important to build up your self-image.

    One great way of doing that is by going out of your comfort zone and trying out hobbies that you normally wouldn’t.

    This has two effects.

    • One, going out of your comfort zone itself gives you a confidence boost.
    • Second, when you spend time doing something, you eventually get better at it. And when that happens, you start seeing yourself as a more capable person. Naturally, your self-confidence improves.

    9) Hobbies Promote Mindfulness

    woman knitting

    This is perhaps the most relevant benefit of hobbies in today’s world.

    You see, our attention is a fickle thing.

    It keeps ping-ponging from one subject matter to another. This is made worse by the infinite number of distractions that we are all surrounded with.

    Plus, anxieties of the future keep disturbing our peace of mind.

    What we all need is mindfulness.

    Mindfulness is basically the practice of living in the present moment. It involves enjoying and paying full attention to what you’re doing right now.

    And do you know what a great way to practice mindfulness is?

    You guessed it! It’s by spending time on hobbies.

    Being attentive happens naturally when you are doing things that you love. During the span of time you’re engaged in such activities, you completely forget about the rest of the world. As such, hobbies help you become more mindful.

    make yourself the priority once in a while

    10) Hobbies Can Give You Good Stress

    I am sure you never imagined that there can even be a good type of stress.

    But it really exists, and there is even a word for it: eustress.

    And similar to good cholesterol, good stress can actually be beneficial for you. In fact, it’s necessary in a lot of ways.

    It makes you excited about what you are doing. Especially if it is something you enjoy.

    This gives you something to look forward to every day and also serves as your source of motivation. So, you will be more likely to keep spending time on your hobbies.

    11) Hobbies Can Ward Off Depression

    In recent times, depression has been spreading like wildfire throughout the world.

    As such, more and more people are seeking ways to combat this illness.

    Usually, they end up with medication that either worsens their condition or leads to a whole host of side effects.

    This is quite tragic, especially considering the fact that even simple hobbies can be effective in improving their mental health.

    If you are dealing with depression, there are many activities that you can turn to for some relief. You can listen to music, do some yoga, go swimming, write in a journal, and even play with pets.

    Hobbies will take your mind off things that trouble you and center it on things that you find pleasurable.

    a child is not a hobby

    12) Hobbies Can Improve Your Career

    A great career requires you to constantly update your skillset, enhance your knowledge, and improve your creativity.

    It also requires you to be in the right state of mind which can only happen if you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    And guess what can help you do all of these things? That’s right! Hobbies again !

    Engaging in different types of hobbies can help you build a variety of skills.

    Playing chess, for instance, can help you build analytical skills. Making artworks can enhance your creativity.

    Reading books can enhance your knowledge. And so on.

    Therefore, you need to make sure that you engage in at least a couple of hobbies that can end up benefiting your career.

    13) Hobbies Can Help You Sleep Better

    girl reading as a hobby

    This one is a no-brainer.

    There are so many hobbies that you can do in order to improve the quality of your sleep.

    Before going to bed, you can meditate, do some light yoga, read books, listen to calming music, and write in a journal.

    These will help you relax and fall asleep.

    You can also engage in physical activities in the evening. This will cause physical tiredness which will help you fall asleep faster.

    Just make sure you don’t counter the benefits of these habits with things like scrolling social media, watching the news before going to bed, eating too much, and so on.

    14) Hobbies Can Keep You In Shape

    A lot of people complain that they do not get time to go to the gym and do some workout.

    As such, their physical health suffers and they become more prone to diseases and disorders. But, you don’t need to go to the gym to be fit and healthy.

    Even some light physical activities daily can help you maintain your body and mind.

    For instance, you can spend time dancing in the evening, play sports with your kids in the backyard, go cycling with your friends, go swimming on the weekend, or do any other activity that can get the heart pumping.

    It’s really not that hard!

    hobbies include napping

    15) Hobbies Can Nurture Your Relationships

    I mentioned above that hobbies can help you meet new people.

    But they can also help you maintain and nurture your current relationships.

    Take, for example, a lovely cooking experience in the evening with your spouse. It is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together, and bond over your shared love of food.

    And later, you can enjoy what you made together!

    Another example could be that of camping.

    You can go camping with your family on the weekend and unplug from everything else.

    If you can’t go away for some reason, you can have that camping experience in your backyard!

    Your family will love the quality time you spend with each other.

    And this is what helps build strong relationships.

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