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Why Women Are Better Bosses Than Men

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    Beyonce was onto something when she said girls ran the world.

    Especially when it comes to who makes a better boss.

    Yes, that’s right; we’re here today, claiming that women make better bosses than men.

    So, ladies, this one’s for you.

    Often, women in the workplace feel as if they are second to men when it comes to pay and leadership positions.

    In fact, there are many industries where there are fewer women in leadership positions than there are men named John.

    Yes. Men with the name of John outnumber women in leadership roles. Which is rather… disappointing, if we’re honest.

    It can be hard to stand up for yourself and rise to the next levels when you’re being held under a glass ceiling.

    But the reality is, women make better managers than men do.

    Even if they don’t have the representation among leadership positions that they deserve, they’re smashing glass ceilings and proving their worth every day.

    We didn’t say it first, Gallup did.

    picture of a woman boss

    According to a Gallup survey, employees that work for a female boss are roughly 6% more engaged than those who work for a male boss.

    The engagement rate is especially high for female employees working for female bosses.

    Ladies have to stick together, am I right?

    I mean, there’s a reason women have to go to the bathroom in groups. 

    Not only that, but female managers themselves also tend to be more engaged than their male counterparts.

    Women will often tell you men are the best secret keepers, mainly because they just don’t pay attention or care.

    We could end it there, but let’s go on with the specifics Gallup found, shall we?

    1) Employees who work for a female boss are more likely to feel encouraged.

    The Gallup survey found that employees who worked for a female manager, more so than a male manager, felt as if their superior genuinely cared about their development.

    Meaning that these employees felt their female leaders gave them assignments and encouragement that would grow their potential, not keep them in the same place.

    Employees who feel encouraged are probably more likely to produce high-quality work and enjoy their job. No one likes negativity.

    2) Employees of female managers were more likely to receive recognition and feedback.

    One of the biggest motivating factors for doing a good job is receiving praise and recognition for your work.

    No one will admit it, but we all need a little pat on the back sometimes.

    The survey found that female managers gave more positive, encouraging feedback than male managers.

    They also found that the women in charge were more likely to provide consistent feedback over the course of time than males (remember that thing about guys not paying attention…).

    Regular feedback is essential in making sure your employees reach their full potential.

    What Makes Women Better Managers or Bosses ?

    female boss giving orders

    Let’s discuss why women seem to be better than men when it comes to managing….

    1) Women are great listeners and communicators.

    Communication is a key aspect in most of our relationships, both personal and professional. We all want a boss who we feel we can talk to and is open and honest with us.

    Collaboration is huge in a successful team.

    Women, more so than our fellow men, are excellent communicators.

    Women are more teamwork and discussion oriented, where men typically like to just take action. This can be seen in their inability to stop and ask for directions when lost.

    Women supervisors are great at making their team feel like they’re part of each choice the company makes, and reaching out for feedback or ideas when needed. 

    2) Women work well under pressure.

    Women are naturally less aggressive than men, and tend to handle conflict with grace.

    The “catty” stereotype may be true for some, but most women seek togetherness and unity.

    They will seek the help and advice of their team without bringing extra tension or anger with them. 

    In the workplace, women tend to seek to get to the bottom of conflict to truly fix the problem and move forward in a positive light.

    3) Women are more resilient than men.

    Researchers have found that during strenuous times, specifically life-or-death, women were able to survive longer than men.

    This takes Survivor: Men vs. Women to a whole new level.

    During Ireland’s Great Famine from 1845 to 1849, life expectancy dropped for both sexes. Men to 19 years and women to 22. They were able to trace the ability to withstand major hardships back to infancy. Female babies were more resilient than the males.

    The road to success is full of bumps, bruises, detours, mansplaining, and road closures. When things get tough, women are more likely to pull through and persevere than men.

    4) Women are more ethical than men.

    UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business Professor, Laura Kray looked at studies dealing with the moral differences between men and women.

    What was found may shock men, but is something women have known forever.

    Men feel the need to be manly at any cost. It’s their cardinal sin to show any kind of softness or femininity. Thus leading them astray to make questionable (at best) decisions.

    This world needs women to keep things in order, and to keep all of the men from killing each other. Joking, but not really.

    To be precise: women are more ethical than men.

    They are more likely to be moral and negotiate fairly instead of deceptively.

    For example, a study gave male and female participants a scenario in which they were selling a used car that had either minor or major issues. The study looked at whether or not the participants would reveal the issues to the potential buyer or keep them hidden to make the sale. The women in the study were found to be more likely to be upfront about the issues than the males were.

    Men are often egocentric and all about business, while women, though they also care about business, also care deeply about the people they’re working with.

    Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men

    5) Women bring a healthy work-life balance.

    One thing women excel at is balancing the duties at work and at home.

    They are used to having to juggle children, meals, cleaning, and a job all at once, while being criticized for every choice they make.

    Sure, it’s never easy and it’s great to have some help from your partners. But women understand that work isn’t all there is to life.

    Having a female boss can bring a more relaxed, flexible environment to the office.

     Whether it’s a last minute doctor’s appointment for your sick child or an awards ceremony for the end of the school year, they realize that these are moments you can’t miss as a parent.

    Employees who feel as if their supervisor understands the importance of spending time with family will be more productive and happy overall.

    6) Women are better at building community within their team.

    They are fantastic organizers. You have to be to juggle all of the roles they fill on a daily basis. It may even be the motherhood instinct in them, but they are great at bringing people together and making their employees feel as if they are truly part of a community.

    Even if they don’t like you, women have an uncanny ability to “fake it ‘til they make it” and you may never know.

    Women are wonderful at gathering and leading a team that can work together. They also tend to be servant leaders, meaning they aren’t afraid to get dirty alongside their people to get the job done.

    They are hands-on and enjoying being a part of the progress, leading from the front instead of barking orders from the back.

    They are uplifting, encouraging, and empowering of their employees, making women great bosses to work for.

    7) Women are patient.

    A study by myHermes found that women tend to be more patient than their male counterparts. Meaning that they are less likely to make hasty decisions or rush progress. Both of which can be detrimental to a workplace.

    Women see the progress in the small steps it takes to reach a big overall goal, instead of just being laser-focused on the big goal itself.

    These small steps are each worthy of celebration, because without them you’d never reach the end game.

    8) Women are empathetic.

    Overall, employees want to feel appreciated, respected, and heard. Women are statistically more empathetic than men, making them excellent at building up and encouraging their team.

    Because of their empathetic nature, women are more likely to make level-headed decisions regarding work issues than their male counterparts. They are more open minded and adaptable when it comes to change.

    Now for the “why?”

    Women are used to being the underdogs.

    They face gender biases every day, and are used to having to work harder and smarter for what they want.

    They’re also used to dealing with fragile masculinity and have perfected the ability to make people feel good about themselves while also throwing some backhanded shade their way.

    Okay, so that last part doesn’t actually make for a good boss, but it does show how adaptable they are.

    Really though, women have had to fight for so much, even today, while still remaining calm, cool, and collected. They are the perfect managers.

    Not to bash male colleagues, you guys do a great job, too! The world needs both of us to keep on going. 

    But across the board, it’s the women leaders who seem to have the most satisfied employees working for them. Sorry, dudes, you don’t get to win this one.

    In such a busy world, finding the right work/life balance can be a challenge. When you have a supervisor who looks at their employees as people with real adult lives and problems instead of as just a number producing work, the employees are bound to be happier and more satisfied in their roles.

    So ladies, keep being the beautiful, empathetic creatures you are.

    The world, and the workplace, needs more of you!

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