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Romantic Words That Start With A

romantic words that start with the letter A

Words have great power. When you use the right words, you can ignite the right spark in people’s hearts.

This is especially true when you’re trying to express your love for someone. Whether you’re trying to write them a note, a letter, or even a song, you need words that can perfectly convey your deep feelings.

With that in mind, here is a list of romantic words that start with A, along with their meanings and example sentences.

1) Ablaze

Experiencing strong emotions.

Example: She was ablaze with intense pleasure.

2) Abloom

in a flowering or blossoming state.

Example: Her youth is fully abloom.

3) Absorbing

Able to capture one’s attention.

Example: Her gaze was absorbing and I couldn’t resist her in that moment.

4) Abundant

Something that is present in great quantity.

Example: You have no idea how abundant my love is for you.

5) Accelerate

To move at an increasing speed.

Example: She accelerated her thrusts and that made me go crazy.

6) Accentuate

To give something more prominence.

Example: That dress accentuated all her curves.

7) Accommodating

Willing to please or help others.

Example: Her accommodating nature is what pulled me towards her.

8) Aching

Experiencing intense longing for something or someone.

Example: I am aching to be with her.

9) Adamant

Stubborn; not willing to change one’s mind.

Example: Why are you so adamant, my love?

10) Addictive

Something or someone that can form a strong habit.

Example: His presence was so addictive I couldn’t pull myself away.

couple holding hands

11) Admire

To regard someone or something with approval, pleasure, or respect.

Example: I really admire her, you know!

12) Adolescent

A stage where a person is transforming into an adult.

Example: She seems so cute when she acts like an adolescent.

13) Adorable

Lovable or likeable.

Example: I found her mischievous laughter to be absolutely adorable.

14) Adventuresome

Someone who likes aventures of taking risks.

Example: She was as adventuresome as Lara Croft!

15) Aesthetic

Relating to the enjoyment of beauty.

Example: Her pictures give me a great sense of aesthetic pleasure.

16) Affection

a feeling of tenderness, liking, or caring.

Example: The affection I feel for her knows no bounds.

17) Affiliating

Connection with someone in an official capacity.

Example: I loved affiliating with her at the office as it gave me a chance to spend more time with her.

18) Ageless

Someone who doesn’t appear to be ageing.

Example: Her beauty is truly ageless.

19) Aggressive

Having a hostile or forceful behavior.

Example: She can be quite aggressive in bed!

20) Agile

Moving quickly with grace.

Example: Her agile movements can capture anyone’s attention.

You want to know who I am in love with? read the first word again.

21) Aglow

Glowing with warmth.

Example: That night, she was aglow with love and pleasure.

22) Airy

The quality of being delicate, graceful, and light.

Example: Her airy demeanor stole my heart.

23) Alight

Lit up.

Example: My desires became alight when she came closer to me.

24) Alive

Having life.

Example: Her love makes me come alive.

25) Allegiant


Example: Have you ever seen a more allegiant woman than her?

26) Alluring

Having a mysterious attraction.

Example: She looked most alluring in that black dress.

27) Amazing

very surprising and wondrous (in a way that you like).

Example: The way she charmed everyone was amazing!

28) Ambient

Existing throughout a given space.

Example: Her ambient presence was impossible to ignore.

29) Ambitions

Strong intentions or aims.

Example: Her ambitions for love came straight out of a fairy tale.

30) Amicable

Having a friendly attitude.

Example: Do you know why people love her so much? It’s because of her amicable nature.

I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be.

31) Amorous

Relating to sexual desires.

Example: Her amorous advances are too much to ignore.

32) Ample


Example: She had ample love left in her.

33) Angelic

Having qualities like that of an angel; beautiful.

Example: There was something so angelic about her face when she slept.

34) Aphrodite

The Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Example: When she walked towards me, she looked like Aphrodite.

35) Appealing

attractive or pleasing.

Example: Her aura is so appealing, it can attract anyone in the world.

36) Appear

to become visible.

Example: Appear before me, my darling!

37) Appetizing

Appealing in appearance, aroma, or taste.

Example: She is so appetizing to look at! lol

38) Applaud

To express one’s approval.

Example: I applaud your honesty, my love.

39) Appreciation

A feeling or expression of approval and admiration.

Example: She deserves appreciation for all her kind work.

40) Approachable

Accessible and friendly.

Example: She seemed approachable and so I took my chance.

I am happiest when i'm right next to you.

41) Appropriate

Something that fits a particular situation, person, or purpose.

Example: Her kiss on my cheek was appropriate, to say the least.

42) Approve

To accept something officially.

Example: Her smile told me that she approved of my advances towards her.

43) Ardent

Showing intense passion or zeal.

Example: Only a lucky few get to be with such an ardent lover.

44) Aromatic

having an aroma; smelling pleasant and sweet.

Example: Her aromatic presence blew my mind.

45) Arousing

Cause an emotion or feeling.

Example: Her breath on my shoulder was deeply arousing.

46) Ascend

Move up.

Example: When she kissed me, I felt like I had ascended to heaven.

47) Assertive

Having a boldness to one’s persona.

Example: Her assertive personality is the best thing about her.

48) Astonishing

Causing a feeling of pleasant surprise.

Example: The way she moved during her performance was astonishing.

49) Astounding

Causing a sense of wonder.

Example: She looked absolutely astounding in that nightgown.

50) Astronomical

Very large.

Example: My love for her is astronomical. That’s the only way I can describe it.

I just want to run up to you, hug you and never let you go.

51) Attached

Emotionally connected.

Example: I spent one day with her and that was enough for me to get attached.

52) Attentive

paying attention to someone or something.

Example: She had never met someone as attentive as him.

53) Attractive

Causing interest or pleasure.

Example: She had the most attractive personality in the room full of people.

54) Auspicious

Favorable for success.

Example: Her entry into my life proved to be very auspicious.

55) Authentic

Genuine or in-line with one’s true nature.

Example: Her authentic nature draws people to her in droves.

56) Authoritative

Someone who is in control or shows authority.

Example: I like her authoritative nature in bed.

57) Available

Single; not in a romantic relationship.

Example: My heart broke when I came to know she wasn’t available.

58) Avid

having a deep interest in something.

Example: She is an avid dancer and brilliant at stealing hearts.

59) Awaken

Cause to wake up.

Example: Let me awaken the love in your heart that you have buried.

60) Awesome

Deserving of great admiration.

Example: The way she expresses herself is truly awesome.

So these were the 60 romantic words starting with the letter A. they will help you find some inspiration or some ideas to your love letters, or songs or poems about love or romance 🙂

hope they will be useful 🙂

I am yours. No refunds or exchanges.

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