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Romantic Words That Start With I

romantic words that start with I

To express your deepest feelings towards your partner or love interest, you need to find the right words.

As they say, the right words can make all the difference. They can incite powerful emotions that can leave a mark on the soul of a person.

In this article, after the letter H, I’ll explore some of the most romantic words that start with I, providing you with ideas for your next love letter, text message, or heartfelt conversation.

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1) Ideal

the perfect example of something.

Example: After getting to know her for some time, he knew he’d found his ideal partner.

2) Idol

someone who is loved and appreciated very much.

Example: Her love for him was so deep that she almost worshiped him like an idol!

3) Illimitable

with no limits.

Example: The love they felt towards each other was illimitable!

4) Illuminating

to help clarify.

Example: Her presence in my life has always been illuminating.

5) Imagination

ability to imagine ideas.

Example: He wasn’t particularly a daydreamer but after meeting her, he found his imagination full of things about her.

6) Immaculate

Pure, spotless.

Example: She entered the ballroom wearing an immaculate velvet gown and all eyes were immediately on her.

7) Immeasurable

having no measure.

Example: Even after being married for 20 years, the love they felt for each other was still immeasurable.

8) Immense

very large.

Example: Their relationship required an immense amount of effort but it was all worth it in the end.

9) Immersive

To be engaged deeply; complete involvement.

Example: He found their conversations to be extremely immersive and often forgot the passage of time.

10) Immortalize

to make something last forever.

Example: He poured all the love he felt for her in his poems and in doing so, immortalized her memory forever.

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11) Impassioned

Sincere, passionate.

Example: He found her extremely adorable when she made an impassioned argument about why bugs were cute.

12) Impeccable

Having no flaws; perfect.

Example: His impeccable manners were what set him apart instantly for her.

13) Importance

having value or worth.

Example: One cannot stress the importance of respect in a relationship enough.

14) Impressive

leaving a strong impression on the mind; deserving of admiration.

Example: He found her character to be more impressive than her angelic beauty.

15) Improve

become better than before.

Example: Our relationship has improved, hasn’t it?

16) Impulsive

adventurous; done without a lot of thought.

Example: It is often when we fall in love, we become most impulsive!

17) Incandescent

lively and worthy of being remembered.

Example: Contrary to what she heard, the man who wanted to court her had an extremely incandescent personality!

18) Incentive

bring a feeling of encouragement; a prize.

Example: The small meetings with her at the bus stop had become his incentive to show up daily at work.

19) Inclusive

including everything.

Example: Her inclusive nature is what draws people to her.

20) Incomparable

which cannot be compared.

Example: The love he felt for her was incomparable to any other person in his life.

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21) Incredible

difficult to believe in; surprising.

Example: The surprise marriage proposal was so incredible that it left her in tears!

22) Indisputable

not questionable.

Example: They might have their rough patches but it is an indisputable fact that they won’t ever let things get too heated.

23) Indulge

to give in to something.

Example: He would often indulge her with ice creams, especially on days she felt sad.

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24) Inebriated


Example: Within 5 minutes of being in her proximity, he found himself becoming inebriated.

25) Ineffable

something that cannot be described in words.

Example: Her love for me is ineffable, no matter how hard I try to avoid it.

26) Inescapable

which cannot be ignored or avoided.

Example: He spent so long running away from his feelings that it came to a point where they became inescapable!

27) Inexhaustible

infinite, abundant.

Example: When it came to matters of his partner, he found inexhaustible resources of energy within himself.

28) Inexplicable

Difficult to explain.

Example: They were both often asked the reason for the success of their marriage but found it inexplicable.

29) Infallible

unfailing; incapable of making errors.

Example: Her trust in him is infallible.

30) Infatuation

a strong (often short) desire for someone.

Example: He believed infatuation was for teenagers yet here he was, a 30-year-old man, completely infatuated at the sight of the beautiful woman.

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31) Infinite

abundant, unlimited.

Example: His mind started thinking of the infinite possibilities of their future together when he had known her for less than 30 minutes!

32) Inflame

cause strong feelings in someone.

Example: Every time she talked about her thoughts behind her beautiful paintings, it inflamed his desire to know her better.

33) Ingenuousness

Displaying childlike traits; simple and innocent.

Example:  Her ingenuousness made him want to protect himself from all the malice that she was surrounded by.

34) Inimitable

something that cannot be copied.

Example: The princess had such inimitable qualities that she was recognized from far away.

35) Ink

To mark something.

Example: That day, she inked my heart with her love!

36) Innate

existing from birth; natural.

Example: What she admired most about him was his innate sense of humor even in times of difficulty.

37) Innocence

Pure; not corrupt.

Example: His innocence and childlike reasoning might have been the reason why she loved him so dearly.

38) Inquisitive

very curious.

Example: Normally he’d find a woman of his age pretty dull but he was surprised by how extraordinarily inquisitive that lady was!

39) Inseparable

which cannot be separated; always together.

Example: Their bond was so pure and strong that it made them look absolutely inseparable.

40) Insightful

someone capable of deep understanding of something.

Example: I was impressed by how insightful she was about my behavioral patterns.

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41) Inspired

be influenced or be filled with feelings of doing something.

Example: Her paintings inspired great emotion in him and he knew he absolutely had to meet the person behind them.

42) Intangible

not physical; something that cannot be touched.

Example: Even though they had to spend years apart, their love was the intangible bond that kept them together.

43) Integrity

Honesty; a quality where someone does not lie.

Example: They might have had their disagreements but both of them had a high sense of integrity in their relationship.

44) Intelligent

Clever; insightful.

Example: My love, how come you are so intelligent?

45) Intense

very strong; feeling emotions strongly.

Example: She knew she was a goner the moment she looked into his intense brown eyes.

46) Interconnected

when different things connect to each other.

Example: Our houseboats were interconnected. And that’s how we first met.

47) Interesting

generating interest.

Example: The past few weeks that he’d spent in her company were far more interesting than his entire life to him.

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48) Intertwine

become closely connected.

Example: Our destinies are intertwined, my love!

49) Intimacy

closeness and attachment.

Example: For some people, intimacy of the mind surpasses physical intimacy.

50) Intoxicated

unable to think clearly because of excitement.

Example: I was intoxicated by her love that night.

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51) Intriguing

generating interest and/or curiosity.

Example: She found the young writer’s story so intriguing that she traveled thousands of kilometers just to see him.

52) Intuitive

the capacity to understand things without any evidence.

Example: She was a naturally intuitive person.

53) Invaluable

extremely important.

Example: The amount of peace and calm she brought into his otherwise chaotic life was invaluable to him.

54) Invigorating

give strength to someone and make one feel more energetic.

Example: During my tougher times, she was always the invigorating force I needed.

55) Invincible

which cannot be defeated.

Example: My love for you is invincible.

56) Inviting

alluring, tempting.

Example: Throughout the party, she gave me inviting looks.

57) Invulnerable

impossible to harm.

Example: Our relationship is invulnerable to mistrust.

58) Iridescent

glowing, shining bright.

Example: Her skin was iridescent under the moonlight.

59) Irreplaceable

too valuable to be replaced.

Example: She is simply irreplaceable to me.

60) Irresistible

Very compelling; too attractive.

Example: Her touch was so irresistible!

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