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What Does Serenity Mean?

    serenity definition illustration

    You know, we go about our lives, doing a million different things, taking on endless challenges, striving to achieve our goals, and facing all of life’s stressors.

    Have you ever asked yourself why we do all of this?

    What is it that we really want?

    I often ask myself these questions and I always come to the same conclusion.

    I think we are all looking for peace. The kind of peace that is unending and is undisturbed.

    It is this positive state of mind that is known as serenity.

    It is a feeling of total calm, where you are simply untroubled.

    I am sure you must have felt it quite a few times in your life. It typically happens to people on vacation when they are away from their normal lives.

    But, wouldn’t it be great if we could make it the default way of living?

    I mean, we all want it anyway, so it just makes sense to make it a part of daily life!

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    Benefits of Feeling Serene

    Before going further into all the ways that can help you achieve the state of serenity, let me just quickly talk about three benefits of feeling serene.

    That’s because, sometimes, you have to talk about the benefits of something to motivate others to actually pursue it. I hope these benefits encourage you to do the same.

    1) Better Health

    It is no secret that your mental state has a direct influence on your physical health. The modern world’s stressors have caused a lot of people to develop conditions like heart disease, strokes, obesity, diabetes, etc.

    They have also led to an increase in addiction to alcohol and drugs.

    This has led to an unprecedented deterioration in health for a lot of people. And a lack of serenity is one of the prime reasons for this.

    This is why it is of utmost importance. It is a state of mind that positively influences your physical and emotional health and so, you don’t fall prey to the darker side of life.

    2) Better Relationships

    It is only natural for your state of mind to dictate the type of relationships you have with those around you.

    Have you noticed how easy it is to be friendly and loving towards others when your mind is at ease?

    You just naturally reach out and form deeper connections with other people when you’re peaceful within you.

    The opposite is true if you have a troubled mind! Therefore, it only makes logical sense to try and cultivate a serene state of mind.

    3) A Pleasant Life

    If given a choice between a pleasant life and one filled with troubles, what will you choose?

    I know, this is so obvious that it shouldn’t even be a question.

    But, if you take a look around you, you will find that people are actively choosing the second option.

    Their actions lead them away from serenity and it shows in everything they manifest in their lives.

    The thing is, most people wrongly believe that serenity is an ultimate destination. Instead, it should be a constant companion in order to live a pleasant life.

    The moment you understand this simple fact, you will look for ways to enhance this state of mind.

    everyday brings a choice to practice stress or to practice peace

    Ways To Achieve Serenity

    There are many ways you can achieve serenity. And the best part is that you don’t have to jump through hoops to do so. The following are just a handful of simple ways that can be incorporated into your daily life.

    1) Practice Gratitude

    I can’t tell you how important gratitude is to give birth to a more peaceful state of mind. When you practice gratitude, you are aware of all the things, people, and situations that you have in your life that are meaningful to you.

    Instead of complaining about all the stuff you don’t have, you are happy about all the stuff that you do have.

    Only a person who is happy with what he has is able to be peaceful.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that you stop trying to achieve your goals. It only means that you appreciate that you already have a lot and feel good about it.

    2) Be Amidst Nature

    Mother nature has a very deep and surreal impact on you.

    When you are in a forest, for instance, you pleasantly get lost in the sounds, sights, smells, and feel of the surrounding.

    Maybe it serves as a reminder that there is more to life than just our concrete jungles. Maybe it’s a reminder that life doesn’t have to be so mind-numbingly fast-paced.

    Well, whatever it is, you certainly feel much more relaxed and peaceful when you are amidst nature.

    Therefore, it’s a good idea to take regular breaks from your normal life and visit a secluded location where you can just take in everything mother nature has to offer.

    3) Play With A Pet

    Have you ever had a pet?

    It’s common these days for people to have at least a dog or a cat.

    I must confess, for the longest time, I didn’t quite understand why people keep pets! Then one day, I happened to spend some time with a friend’s cat and then the realization hit me.

    It is so peaceful to see pets play around, without a care in the world. The unconditional love that they show you open your eyes to the larger reality of life.

    Suddenly, all your worries and anxieties lose much of their gravity. Suddenly, you begin to appreciate that there is more to life and that you can achieve it.

    4) Simplify Your Life

    In the normal course of life, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff without even realizing it.

    Slowly but surely, these can create complexities that we have to deal with inevitably. The more things you have in your life, the more things you have in your mind. It’s as simple as that.

    So, in order to have a serene state of mind, you should simplify your life as much as possible.

    Get rid of anything that doesn’t enhance the experience of your life. This can apply to things and people both. And no, there is nothing wrong with doing so.

    After all, it’s your state of mind we are talking about here!

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