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11 Benefits of Meditation For Students

Benefits of meditation for students

Student life can be really stressful.

You need to learn a variety of subjects, memorize countless stuff, learn how to think critically, get good grades in exams, and so on. Then you have these other things that you might love doing like sports, music, reading, and other extra extracurricular activities.

As you can imagine (and as you have probably already experienced), it can be hard to manage time and mental resources to do all of these.

This is where meditation comes in for the rescue.

It acts as your supercharger to enable you to do everything you want, while at the same time, keeping you from being overwhelmed. The result is that you glide through your days instead of crawling from one to another.

student getting frutrasted

So, for a deeper understanding of how exactly that happens, let’s talk about 11 benefits of meditation for students.

You will understand then why meditation should be taught at school, colleges and universities.

1. Meditation Improves Focus

As a student, if there is one quality you would want to enhance to superhuman levels, I am sure it would be the ability to focus.

When you’re jumping from one subject to the other for hours on end, it’s natural that your focus starts to diminish.

After a point, it just starts to get boring.

If you meditate daily, however, your ability to focus will be greatly improved. Several studies have shown that meditation actually improves cognitive abilities.

So, you are not only able to develop a razor-sharp focus, but you are also able to maintain it for longer periods of time. If you achieve this, imagine how much you could get done even in a short duration of time.

2. Meditation Relieves Stress

I think this is one of the first benefits that come to mind when you imagine yogis meditating.

As a student, you might regularly be in stress due to a number of things.

This is not a good thing for your health. It can adversely affect your physical and mental development at such a crucial phase of life.

But how does meditation relieve stress?

It does so by literally rewiring your brain.

You see, meditation helps organize your thoughts. It influences the development of the neurons in your brain in a positive way.

Scientists have even found that regular meditation could lead to a decrease in the activation of a brain tissue that is typically associated with stress.

Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Be calm. you're brilliant.

3. Meditation Increases Memory Power

This is a major one.

I think there isn’t a student in the world who wouldn’t like to have the memory of a hard disk. It would literally solve 90% of their problems (or so I think).

Enhanced memory is a great ability to have. You can remember things on cue, you can use the information stored in your brain at the right time, and you can certainly get better grades.

The regular practice of meditation greatly improves your memory power.

As I said above, it positively influences the neural development of your brain. As you must already know, it is these neurons that are responsible for gathering, storing, and recalling information.

If they are developed well, they will be able to store information for longer periods of time.

4. Meditation Helps You Remain “In The Zone”

Ok, so you must have experienced those moments where you are so deeply immersed in what you’re doing, that everything else becomes a total blur.

During these periods of time, you are completely “in the zone” and anything you’re working on happens so smoothly and so fast, that you feel like a Shaolin warrior doing kung fu without even thinking about it.

These are periods of “flow” where all your faculties are operating at their optimal levels.

Imagine being able to do this every minute of every day!

With daily practice of focused meditation, you can actually get close to doing so. In fact, this is one of the most important things they teach people who are on a spiritual path.

5. Meditation Improves Decision Making

Throughout your day, do you realize how many decisions you make?

Trust me, it’s a lot! Like, too many to even count. Most of this decision-making happens on autopilot while others happen on a more conscious level. I

t is important that you take conscious control of a bigger percentage of your decisions. Only then will you be able to ensure better judgment.

This is what meditation helps you achieve.

It improves the functioning of the part of your brain that is responsible for decision-making.

There is a type of meditation known as “mindfulness meditation” which is especially beneficial in this regard. It allows you to remain totally aware of the present moment and make better choices.

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6. Meditation Helps Improve Your Social Skills

When you are a student, you are probably forming some of the most important relationships in your life.

The friends you make, your teachers, your siblings, all play a crucial part in your life.

So, it’s only obvious that you should build strong and healthy relationships with these people. It might sound strange at first, but meditation helps you do this too!

When you get into the habit of meditating, you feel much more empathetic towards other people.

You are also able to observe smaller details about others that greatly help you understand what they might want to say or convey. These are both very important aspects of any healthy relationship and you can slowly develop them through meditation.

7. Meditation Gives You A Feeling of Well-Being

In the world that we live in today, it is now considered normal to be stressed out and anxious all the time.

Naturally, the moments where you experience well-being are greatly reduced. By well-being, I mean moments where you feel happy, energized, and you have this sense that things are going right for you.

This sense of well-being is important, especially for students.

It helps you live a happier life which allows you to go about your days without feeling overwhelmed all the time.

Regular practice of meditation puts your brain in a happier mood. It feels calmer and you gain a more practical perspective on life’s problems.

8. Meditation Enhances Creativity

Creativity is a critical quality to have in life.

As a student, it allows you to do your best work and helps you stand out. This gives you an edge right from the very beginning. Also, it’s only because of creativity that we have innovations that touch our lives in so many ways.

Many studies have shown that meditation leads to changes in your brain that greatly enhances your creativity.

Some of the most creative people (who are also famous) are said to have meditated profusely. Steve Jobs, Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah, Bill Gates, Jeff Weiner, are all associated with meditation.

9. Meditation Helps You Overcome Addictions

Look, I understand that it is very easy to get addicted to things and people when you are young.

Students get into all sorts of bad habits either by chance or because of the influence of other students. These addictions can have a terrible impact on your health, studies, and your future.

Thus, you need to make sure you learn how to overcome your addictions, if you have any.

Meditation is one of the best ways you can do so.

It gives you a natural high through your brain’s happiness center, so you don’t feel the need to indulge in other things to experience the same high. It also makes you more capable of resisting your urges.

And as we discussed earlier, it helps reduce stress which is another reason why most get addicted to things in the first place (as an escape).

10. Meditation Improves Your Immune System

When you’re growing up, your immune system is still developing.

So, it’s a good idea to do things that strengthen it. This will be useful your entire life, especially when responsibilities eventually increase.

After all, health is the most important aspects of life, as it’s only when you’re healthy that you’re able to do other things. As you can guess, meditation is a great way to improve your immune system.

Many meditation techniques like mindfulness, transcendental meditation, and even yoga are said to make your immune system much stronger.

This has even been confirmed by scientific studies. So, if you fall sick often or simply want a better defence against diseases, you should meditate regularly.

11. Meditation Helps You Sleep Better

Sleep is something that most young people might not cherish, but as an adult, trust me, you’ll want to find excuses just so you can get some shut eye.

Today, most people in the world are sleep deprived and this is not good for their health. When you’re young, your physical and mental bodies are still developing and you want to ensure that they do so properly.

Daily practice of meditation will help you get much better sleep. You will be able to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep for longer periods of time.

This will allow your body and mind to recharge. Also, it is during sleep that all the things you learn during the day are organized in your brain. So, make sure you get plenty of it!

Now that you know all the benefits of meditation for students, you know that taking a break to meditate is not wasted time ( don’t feel guilty) …. It is definitely recommended and should be compulsary to make sure you get the most of your studies.

list of benefits of meditation for students

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